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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - The Planetary Life - A Center in the Solar System


All these three Centers can therefore be depicted in the following manner: with the completed circle of the entire energy form, with the central triangle of energies carrying the qualities of the three major rays, and then the point at the center which stands for the dynamic embodied Life. In connection with Shamballa, that point is Sanat Kumara Himself; when the right time comes (though the hour is not yet) He will place His Representatives as the central points in both the Hierarchy and in Humanity. For this relatively distant event the doctrine or the theory of Avatars, of Mediators or of Intermediaries is preparing the way, thus enabling men to think in these representative and inclusive terms. Not even in the Hierarchy is the time yet [187] ripe for the "residence in state of the divine Representative." Each year, the Buddha comes and carries the force of Sanat Kumara to the Hierarchy, but - He cannot stay. The "units of energy," the Members of the Hierarchy, cannot bear for long the strong quality of the incoming vibration, except after due preparation and in group form, and then only for a few scant minutes; nevertheless the "period of dynamic potency" is being prolonged during this century from one day to five; the next century may see an even longer period of registration instituted.

At the close of the age, the three major Centers will be in complete, unified and synchronized activity, with Sanat Kumara in Shamballa over-shadowing and informing His Representatives in the hierarchical and human Centers; then the central Triangle in each Center will not be only actively functioning, but they will be working together in the closest rapport, thus forming symbolically a "Star with nine points, ever revolving"; then the massed energies of the three major Centers will dominate the other four centers, controlling the manifestation of the Life Expression in all the kingdoms of nature.

When one comes to the consideration of the sphere of radiation of these three major Centers, it is interesting to note that, at this time and in this present world cycle, the most potent radiation and the widest range of influence is that of the Hierarchy. Apart from "giving life" to all forms upon and within the planet, the influence or radiation of Shamballa is definitely and consciously restricted, until such time as the Hierarchy and Humanity can respond constructively. It is present, needless to say, and evokes response from those able to swing within its sphere of radiation; but it is felt that as yet there are too many forms of expression which could not react correctly to the work of the "Destroyer of forms," which is the most potent [188] aspect of this first ray center and the one which manifests first, because its work must be accomplished before the two other aspects of its potency can function rightly. The center called humanity has as yet an inadequate radiation because of its - at present - inadequate development; its sphere of influence is relatively limited, though men are beginning to work outward in the direction of the subhuman kingdoms and to attract more forcefully the kingdom of souls than heretofore. The Hierarchy has, however, no interior restrictions such as are consciously and deliberately imposed upon itself by Shamballa or which are unconsciously imposed by humanity; any blocking of the hierarchical radiation (if I may use such a term) will come from the forms on which the impact of its radiation is sought, but the outgoing influence of the central Triangle of the Hierarchy is unique and far-reaching.

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