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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - The Nature of Space
The sphere of radiation is conditioned always by the point of evolution of the life within the form; the correlating, integrating factor, relating center to center, is life itself; life establishes contact; livingness is the basis of every relation, even if this is not immediately apparent to you; consciousness qualifies the contact and colors the radiation. Thus again we are returned to the same fundamental triplicity to which I gave the names of Life, Quality, Appearance in an earlier book. (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol I.) A form is therefore a center of life within some aspect of the etheric body of the Entity, Space, where a living animated existence, such as that of a planet, is concerned. The same is true also of all lesser forms, such as those found upon and within a plane. [181]

This center has within it a point of life and is related to all surrounding energies; it has its own sphere of radiation or of influence which is dependent upon the nature or strength of its consciousness and upon the dynamic conditioning factor of the ensouling entity's thought life. These are points worthy of your most careful consideration. Finally, every center has its central triangle of energies; one of these energies expresses the ensouling life of the form; another expresses the quality of its consciousness, whilst the third - the dynamic, integrating life which holds form and consciousness together in one expressive livingness - conditions the radiation of the form, its responsiveness or non-responsiveness to the environing energies and the general nature of the informing life, plus its creative ability.

Much that I have given you here will serve to elucidate that which I have written upon esoteric astrology; (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. III; The Destiny of the Nations.) it will give you the key to that science of relationships which is essentially the key to astrology and also to the science of Laya Yoga. This latter science has (fortunately for the Aryan race) fallen into disrepute since later Atlantean days; it will, however, be restored and used upon a higher turn of the spiral, during the next five hundred years. When correctly and rightly restored, its emphasis will not be upon the nature of the center involved, but upon the quality of the consciousness which distinguishes any particular center and which will then necessarily condition its sphere of radiation. Under the great Law of Correspondences, all that I have here given or indicated can be applied by the student to all forms of life: to a universe, to a solar system, to a planet, to a human being, to any subhuman form and to the tiniest atom of substance (whatever you may mean by that last term!). [182]

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