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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - The Nature of Space
We speak at times of an expanding universe; what we really mean is an expanding consciousness, for this etheric body of the Entity, Space, is the recipient of many types of informing and penetrating energies, and it is also the field for the intelligent activity of the indwelling Lives of the Universe, of the many constellations, of the distant stars, of our solar system, of the planets within the system, and of all that constitutes the sumtotal of these separated living forms. The factor which relates them is consciousness and nothing else, and the field of conscious awareness is created through the interplay of all living intelligent forms within the area of the etheric body of that great Life which we call SPACE.

Every form within the etheric body is like a center in a planet or in the human body, and the resemblance - based upon what I gave you herein in relation to the human centers - is correct and recognizable.

Each form (because it constitutes an aggregated area of substantial lives or atoms) is a center within the etheric body of the form of which it is a constituent part. It has, as the basis of its existence, a living dynamic point which integrates the form and preserves it in essential being. This form or center - large or small, a man or an atom of substance - is related to all other forms and expressing energies in the environing space, and is automatically receptive to some, and repudiates others through the process of non-recognition; it relays or transmits other energies, radiating from other forms, and it thus becomes in its turn an impressing agent. You see, therefore, where differentiated truths approach each other and blend, forcing us to use the [180] same terminologies in order to express the same factual truths or ideas.

Again, each point of life within a center has its own sphere of radiation or its own extending field of influence; this field is necessarily dependent upon the type and the nature of the indwelling Consciousness. It is this magnetic interplay between the many vast centers of energy in space which is the basis of all astronomical relationships - between universes, solar systems and planets. Bear in mind, however, that it is the CONSCIOUSNESS aspect which renders the form magnetic, receptive, repudiating and transmitting; this consciousness differs according to the nature of the entity which informs or works through a center, great or small. Bear in mind also that the life which pours through all centers and which animates the whole of space is the life of an Entity; it is, therefore, the same life in all forms, limited in time and space by the intention, the wish, the form and the quality of the indwelling consciousness; the types of consciousness are many and diverse, yet life remains ever the same and indivisible, for it is the ONE LIFE.

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