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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Inter-Planetary and Extra-Planetary Relationships
  • Statement One.
    Dynamic electric energy entered into our planetary sphere from extra-planetary sources and from a point of definite focus upon the cosmic mental plane; this energy was paralleled by a secondary energy from the sun Sirius, thus accounting for the dualism of manifestation.
  • Statement Two.
    This energy expanded outward from its central focus (the center called Shamballa) and in this expansion [132] became the agency which impressed the Plan upon the serving Hierarchy. The Plan is that measure of possibility of immediate importance which the divine Purpose can present at any given moment in time and space.
  • Statement Three.
    This process of expansion set up another focal point of energy, and the heart center of the planet, the Hierarchy came into being; thus two centers were created and en rapport, which constitutes a major event upon the involutionary arc; to this, little attention has hitherto been paid. It coincided with the advent or the arrival of the Lords of Flame from the alter ego of our Earth, the planet Venus. They created the nucleus of the Hierarchy which - in that far, very distant time - consisted of only forty-nine members; these were advanced human beings and not souls awaiting incarnation in human form on Earth, as was the case with the vast majority of these visiting Solar Angels.
  • Statement Four.
    Alignment between the head center and the heart center upon the involutionary arc was thus set up; another expansion took place which resulted, as you know well, in the creation of a new kingdom in nature, the fourth or human kingdom. This kingdom was destined to become and is today the third major center in the planetary life. Then another alignment, but one which is still contained upon the involutionary arc, took place.
  • Statement Five.
    Today, an evolutionary alignment is taking place. The planetary center which we call Humanity is active and vibrant, and it is now possible to "progress along the Upward Way and create the line which links the lesser with the higher, permitting thus an interplay." Men are rapidly moving out of the human center into [133] the hierarchical center; the mass of men are responding to spiritual impression.
  • Statement Six.
    At the same time, the heart center of the planetary Logos, the Hierarchy, whilst it is being responsive to the invocation of the throat center, Humanity, is becoming increasingly evocative and is itself attaining a much higher contact and alignment with the head center of the planetary Logos; it is, therefore, capable of receiving a constantly developing dynamic impression from Shamballa.
  • Statement Seven.
    Thus a great alignment is being achieved through the relationship and the interplay going on between these three major planetary centers; this produces a constant inflow of energies from several different sources, and these energies galvanize these three centers into a new and increased activity. Invocation is arising all the time between these centers and producing a consequent evocation of impressing energies.

In these seven statements, you have depicted a PATTERN of the present planetary work or the present logoic thesis. An involutionary alignment (the guarantee of future successful alignments) constitutes most ancient history; an evolutionary alignment in which all three centers are involved is constantly producing an interplay of energies as well as a constantly successful impression of one center upon another. Humanity, as the throat center of the planetary Logos and the prime planetary creative agency (which modern science demonstrates), invokes the heart center, the Hierarchy, and then receives the needed impression which will result in the developing civilizations and cultures as well as the eventual appearance on Earth of the fifth or spiritual [134] kingdom. The Hierarchy or the planetary heart center invokes Shamballa, the planetary head center, and the Plan - as an expression of the Purpose - is impressed upon the hierarchical consciousness. If there is redundancy in these various comments of mine, it is entirely intentional; repetition serves the purposes of accurate presentation where esotericism is concerned.

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