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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Inter-Planetary and Extra-Planetary Relationships
Students are apt to make their thinking unduly complicated when they seek to itemize and define, to separate into academic groups and brackets the multiplicity of energies with which they feel confronted when considering the planetary and the human centers. I would advise you that you think simply and (certainly, at first) in terms of the three major energies as they emanate from some center, become impressing agents, and then are again transmitted or stepped down:
  1. The dynamic electrical energy of Life itself or divine potency, of embodied Purpose, expressing through evolutionary manifestation the divine Will. It might be well to realize that purpose emanates from the cosmic mental plane and is the all-inclusive, synthetic, motivating principle which expresses itself as the divine will upon the cosmic physical plane - the seven planes of our planetary Life. This dynamic energy focuses itself through the Lives or Beings [130] Who control and dominate Shamballa. Until the divine purpose has been achieved, the planetary Logos holds all in manifestation through the potency of His Will, and animates all forms with electric fire. Knowledge of this Will and Purpose comes to the student who is constructing the antahkarana and who is, therefore, coming under the control of the Spiritual Triad, the threefold expression of the Monad.
  2. The attractive magnetic solar energy to which we give the quite unsuitable name of Love. It is this energy which constitutes the cohering, unifying force which holds the manifested universe or planetary form together and is responsible for all relationships; it is this energy which is the soul of all things or of all forms, beginning with the anima mundi and reaching its highest point of expression in the human soul which is the constituent factor in the fifth kingdom in nature, the Kingdom of God or of Souls. An understanding of this human potency comes as a man makes contact with his own soul and sets up a stable relationship with that soul; then he becomes a soul-infused personality. As you well know, the threefold personality is to the soul what the Spiritual Triad is to the Monad: a clear medium of expression. Most students are or should be today occupied with this attractive energy, for until they have mastered the desire nature and have transmuted it into aspiration and soul control, they cannot hope to comprehend the dynamic energy of electric fire. This attractive magnetism is the energy dominating and controlling the Hierarchy.
  3. The intelligent activity of fire by friction. Students would be well advised to reread A Treatise on Cosmic Fire where I deal at length with these three conditioning energies. This third energy is the basic energy expressing itself in the three worlds and in the four kingdoms in nature, climaxing its expression in the creative energy of the human kingdom. [131] This energy emanated originally (as far as our solar system and our planetary scheme are concerned) in the first solar system and is the best proven and the best known energy in manifestation. It is the medium for activity in all forms through which the planetary Logos expresses Himself; it is the result of the activity of the divine Mind, as that peculiar type of divine energy plays upon and through all atoms and upon all atomic forms. The fission of the nucleus of the atom in the past few years is the outer sign or demonstration that humanity has "encompassed" the divine Mind and can now move on to "encompass" the love or the attractive nature of divinity. Ponder upon this statement. I know not what word to use but encompass and it is entirely inadequate. A new and deeper esoteric terminology is badly needed.

If you will work with and reflect upon these three fundamental energies and search for their expression within yourself, you will greatly simplify your occult thinking. Let me here make a few more statements which you have perforce to accept hypothetically, but which can nevertheless be substantiated by you if you arrive at an understanding of the Law of Analogy or of Correspondences, and if you will also accept the truism that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm and, therefore, each human being is related to Deity through essential similarity.

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