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Initiation, Human and Solar - Glossary N-Q
Nirmanakaya Those perfected beings who renounce Nirvana (the highest state of spiritual bliss) and choose a life of self-sacrifice, becoming members of that invisible host which ever protects humanity within karmic limits.

Permanent atom Those five atoms, with the mental unit, one on each of the five planes of human evolution (the mental unit being also on the mental plane) which the monad appropriates for purposes of manifestation. They form a stable center and are relatively permanent. Around them the various sheaths or bodies are built. They are literally small force centers.

Planetary Logos This term is generally applied to the seven highest spirits corresponding to the seven archangels of the Christian. They have all passed through the human stage and are now manifesting through a planet and its evolutions, in the same way that man manifests through his physical body. The highest planetary spirit working through any particular globe is, in reality, the personal God of the planet.

Prakriti Derives its name from its function as the material cause of the first evolution of the universe. It may be said to be composed of two roots, "pra" to manifest, and "krita" to make; meaning, that which caused the universe to manifest itself.

Prana The Life Principle, the breath of Life. The occultist believes the following statement: "Life we look upon as the one form of existence, manifesting in what is called matter, or what, incorrectly separating them, [223] we name Spirit, Soul, and Matter in man. Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this plane of existence, soul is the vehicle for the manifestation of spirit, and these three as a trinity are synthesized by Life, which pervades them all."

Purusha The spiritual self. The embodied self. The word literally means "The dweller in the city" - that is, in the body. It is derived from the Sanskrit "pura" which means city or body, and "usha" a derivative of the verb "vas," to dwell.

Quaternary The fourfold lower self, or man, in the three worlds. There are various divisions of this, but perhaps for our purpose the best is to enumerate the four as follows:

  1. Lower mind.
  2. Emotional or kamic body.
  3. Prana, or the Life Principle.
  4. The etheric body, or the highest division of the twofold physical body.
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