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Initiation, Human and Solar - Chapter XIX - Rules for Applicants

Rule 10

The Army of the Voice, the devas in their serried ranks, work ceaselessly. Let the disciple apply himself to the consideration of their methods; let him learn the rules whereby that Army works within the veils of Maya.

This rule refers to the work of occult investigation, which must be pursued at some time or another by all who seek initiation. Though it is not safe for the uninitiated to tamper with the parallel evolution of the devas, yet it is necessary and safe to investigate the procedure pursued by the builders, the methods followed by them, in reproducing from the archetype, via the etheric that which we call physical manifestation; their groups must be somewhat theoretically cognized, and the sounds whereby they are swept into activity considered. This involves, therefore, the organized study, by all applicants, of:

  1. The purpose of sound.
  2. The esoteric meaning of words, of grammar, and of syntax.
  3. The laws of vibration and of electricity, and many other subsidiary studies which concern themselves with the manifestation of divinity and consciousness through the medium of deva substance and the activity of the controlling devas. The laws of the macrocosm will be investigated, and the correspondence between the activities of the microcosm, and the active manifestation of the macrocosm will be recognized. [204]
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