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Initiation, Human and Solar - Chapter XIX - Rules for Applicants

Rule 9

Let the disciple merge himself within the circle of his other selves. Let but one color blend them and their unity appear. Only when the group is known and sensed can energy be wisely emanated.

One thing all disciples and applicants for initiation have to do is to find that particular group of servers to which they belong on the inner plane, to recognize them upon the physical plane, and to unite with them in service for the race. This recognition will be based upon:

  1. Unity of aim.
  2. Oneness of vibration.
  3. Identity in group affiliation.
  4. Karmic links of long standing.
  5. Ability to work in harmonious relation.

Superficially, this may appear one of the easiest of the rules, but in practice it is not so. Mistakes are easily made, and the problem of working harmoniously in group alignment is not so simple as it may appear. Egoic vibration and relationship may exist, yet the outer personalities may not harmonize. It is the work, then, of the applicant to strengthen the grip of his Ego upon his personality, so that [203] the esoteric group relation may become possible upon the physical plane. He will do this by the disciplining of his own personality, and not by the correction of his brothers.

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