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Esoteric Healing - Chapter IX - The Seven Modes of Healing
I. The Seven Ray Energies

Fifteen Statements.

  1. The seven rays embody and express the totality of energies which circulate throughout our planetary form.
  2. These seven ray energies are the seven forces which unitedly compose the primary Ray of Love-Wisdom. This is the second ray of our solar system and the dominating ray in every planetary expression within the solar system. The seven rays are, all of them, subsidiary rays of this great cosmic ray. [696]
  3. No matter upon which ray the healer may be found, he must always work through the second subray of that ray - the ray of love-wisdom in each ray. By means of this, he becomes connected with or related to the governing soul and personality rays. The second ray has the capacity of all-inclusiveness.
  4. The second ray and the second subray on all rays are themselves dual in expression. The healer must learn to work through the love aspect and not through the wisdom aspect. This takes much training in the practice of spiritual differentiation.
  5. Those vehicles in the form nature which are on the line of 2-4-6 must be used by the healer when practicing the healing art. If he has no vehicles or bodies on this line of basic energy, he will not be able to heal. This is seldom realized. It is rare, however, to find an equipment lacking all second ray energy outlets.
  6. Those healers who are on the second ray, or who are equipped with a powerful second ray vehicle, are usually great healers. The Christ, being the truest exponent of the second ray ever known on earth, was greatest of all the healing sons of God.
  7. The ray of the soul conditions and determines the technique to be employed. The ray in the personality vehicles most closely related to the second ray (for which all the subrays act as channels) is the one through which the healing energy must flow.
  8. The second subray of the soul ray determines the approach to the healing problem immediately confronting the healer; this energy is transmuted into healing force when passing through the appropriate personality vehicle. To be appropriate it must be on the line of 2-4-6. [697]
  9. The appropriate vehicle can be either the mental body or the emotional body. With the mass of men being centered in the astral nature, the healing will usually be most successful if the healer's channel of transmission is that body also.
  10. A triangle of energies is therefore formed; it is composed of:
    1. The energy of the soul.
    2. The appropriate vehicle.
    3. The etheric body, through either the heart or the solar plexus center.
  11. Within the etheric body, a secondary triangle is formed for the circulation of energy between:
    1. The head center, the center of reception.
    2. The ajna center, the center for directed distribution.
    3. The center which registers - as the line of least resistance - the energy of the soul ray, whichever of the seven rays that may be.
  12. This secondary triangle is related to the primary triangle by an "act of deliberation." This is a part of the technique which I am withholding.
  13. The healer who is sincere and experienced can (in default of the esoteric formula producing connection between the two triangles) do much to bring about some definite relation by a deliberate act of faith and by the firm statement of his fixed intention.
  14. The greater triangle is that which affects the healer and makes him a transmitting agent; the lesser triangle is the one which produces the effect upon the patient and through which the healer - on the physical plane - works.
  15. The procedure of the healer will therefore fall into three parts, prior to the conscious act of healing: [698]

Process One.

  1. The healer will definitely and consciously link up with his own soul.
  2. He will then determine which of his personality vehicles is to be used; this will be based upon its reaction to energies, channeling along the line 2-4-6.
  3. By an act of the will he will then relate the soul energy, via the desired vehicle, with the appropriate center in the etheric body; the heart or the solar plexus, always preferably the former.

Process two.

  1. He will next create the secondary triangle by focusing his attention in the center of reception, the head center.
  2. He will then connect this head center, through the power of the creative imagination, with the center between the eyebrows, and will hold the energy there because it is the directing agency.
  3. He will endeavor to gather into this ajna center the energy of that center within his etheric body which is related to his soul ray.

Process three.

He then, with deliberation, performs the act of linking the two triangles; once this is done, he is ready for the healing action.

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