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Esoteric Healing - Chapter IX - The Seven Modes of Healing

The Seven Modes of Healing

It will be obvious to you that even if the techniques or the seven modes of healing - relating as they do to the energies of the seven rays - were exactly imparted to you, it would be rare indeed to find a healer who was competent to use them in this interim period in world affairs. We are passing out of one age into another, and this necessarily creates difficulties which have hitherto not been recognized. This is the first time in human history wherein humanity is intelligent enough to register understanding of the implications of this happening, and farsighted enough to be able to vision, imagine and plan for the new future. For another thing, the soul ray of the average aspirant is seldom in control to such an extent that it can bring adequate illumination and ray potency; until it is in control, these ray methods and techniques, determining the use and direction of the ray energies, are useless. This should not bring to you disappointment, but simply an attitude of expectancy, particularly where the younger students and readers are concerned. All things considered, this hiatus between expectancy and possibility is exceedingly good.

There has been so much given out during the past century along the lines of magical work, that more at this time would not be wise; so many mantrams and Words of Power have been communicated, and so wide a use of the [694] Om has prevailed, that a great deal of damage might be looked for as a result. Such damage has not, however, occurred. The relatively low point in evolution of the average student and experimenter has served as a protection, and little has been set in motion - either good or bad - by what they have attempted to do. Healings have frequently taken place (at least temporary healings), owing largely to the susceptibility of the patient to suggestion and his confidence in the healer. None of these healings can be traced esoterically to the scientific methods of occultism. In spite of this protection, or rather because of it, I am communicating no Ray Words at this time, such as the trained initiate employs when engaged in the healing work. These Words have to be accompanied by a trained use of the spiritual will, and (where the ordinary man and healer is concerned) even the lowest aspect of the will remains as yet undeveloped, and only self-will (which is determined, selfish desire) is expressed. It would therefore be a waste of my time to give instruction along these lines.

I have felt it necessary to explain this, so that there will be no undue expectancy that I shall impart the mysterious and the hitherto unknown. I seek only to lay the foundation for a future structure of knowledge, when it will be safe, wise and right to convey those "focusing Points," those "organizing Words," and those "expressed Intentions" of the correctly trained occult healer. I seek to generate in you also a wise and searching expectancy which will use the little that I am able to impart, and the symbolic words I may dictate, and so prepare for a greater understanding later.

In the meantime there are certain things I can teach you which will be profitable. They may perchance enhance the visional and realized difficulties, but may nevertheless prove useful in indicating the ground which must still be [695] covered before the healer arrives at correct and sustained healing.

This section will be very short indeed, compared with the rest of this volume; it will consist simply of a series of summarized and condensed statements which will provide a textbook for the healer, a reference book for guidance to which he can refer. These statements will be under three classifications:

  1. The Seven Ray Energies.
  2. The Rays of the Healer and the Patient.
  3. The Seven Healing Techniques.

These statements will complete Volume IV of A Treatise on the Seven Rays and will carry much information to the initiated disciple, and even in part to the intelligent aspirant; they should make their healing work more effectual, even though only the preliminary work and elementary rules are given. Needless to add, the healer has to perfect himself in this initial activity and - as he works - he may himself (alone and unaided) penetrate into the deeper meanings of this phase of the Ageless Wisdom.

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