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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied

Hearken, O Disciple, to the call which comes from the Son to the Mother, and then obey.

Even whilst we realize from the context that this refers to the discarding of the physical body, it is useful to remember that this form of wording can signify much more than that. It can be interpreted to mean the entire relation of soul and personality, and to involve the prompt obedience of the Mother (the personality) to the Son (the soul). Without his prompt obedience, involving as it does the recognition of the informing Voice, the personality will remain deaf to the call of the soul to relinquish the body. No habitual response has been developed. I would ask you to ponder on the implications.

I am, I know, recapitulating when I point out that the Mother aspect is the material aspect and the soul - on its own plane - is the Son. This injunction, therefore, concerns the relation of matter and soul, and thus lays the foundation for all the relationships which the disciple has to learn to recognize. Obedience is not here enforced; [681] it is contingent upon hearing; then obedience follows as the next development. This is an easier process, little as you may think it. This distinction, relative to the process of obedience, is interesting because the process of learning by hearing is always slow and is one of the qualities or aspects of the stage of orientation. Learning by sight is definitely connected with the Path of Discipleship, and any who wish to become wise and true workers must learn to distinguish between the hearers and those who see. A realization of the difference would lead to basic changes in technique. In the one case, you are working with those who are definitely under the influence and control of the Mother, and who need to be trained to see. In the other, you are dealing with those who have heard and who are developing the spiritual correspondence of sight. They are therefore susceptible to the vision.

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