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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
We come now to the final and the most mysterious law of all that I have given you. I called your attention to it earlier, and there pointed out that this

"last law is an enunciation of a new law which is substituted for the Law of Death, and which has reference only to those found upon the later stages of the Path of Discipleship and the stages upon the Path of Initiation."

By these later stages I refer to the period after the second initiation and prior to taking the third. This law does not apply in any way as long as the emotional nature can disturb the clear rhythm of the personality as it responds to the impact of soul energy, and later to monadic. There is not, therefore, a great deal that I can make clear to you as regards the full working of this law, but I can indicate certain most interesting ideas and correspondences; these will foster in you constructive speculative thinking, yet at the same time they embody proven facts for those of us who are initiated disciples of the Christ or of Sanat Kumara.

Law X
Hearken, O Disciple, to the call which comes from the Son to the Mother, and then obey. The Word goes forth that form has served its purpose. The principle of mind then organizes itself and then repeats the Word. The waiting form responds and drops away. The soul stands free.
Respond, O Rising One, to the call which comes within the sphere of obligation; recognize the call, emerging from the Ashram or from the Council Chamber where waits the Lord of Life Himself. The Sound goes forth. Both soul and form together must renounce the principle of life, and thus permit the Monad to stand free. The soul responds. The form then shatters the connection. Life is now liberated, owning the quality of conscious knowledge and the fruit of all experience. These are the gifts of soul and form combined. [679]

This Law X is the forerunner of many new laws concerning the relation of soul to form or of spirit to matter; this one is given first for two reasons:

  1. It can be applied by disciples and thus proven to be true to the mass of men, and above all, to the scientific world.
  2. In the mass of testimony and in the type of death (called at this stage "transference") the fact of the Hierarchy and of Shamballa can be established.

There are three sources of the abstraction which we call "death" if we exclude accident (which may be incident to other people's karma), war (which involves planetary karma) and natural catastrophes (which are connected entirely with the body of manifestation of the One in Whom we live and move and have our being).

I might pause here at this thought and make somewhat clearer to you the distinction between this "unknown God," who expresses himself through the planet as a whole, and Sanat Kumara in His high place at Shamballa. Sanat Kumara is in Himself the essential Identity, responsible for the manifested worlds, but so great is His command of energies and forces - owing to His cosmic unfoldment - that He requires the entire planet through which to express all that He is. Having the full consciousness of the cosmic astral plane and of the cosmic mental plane, He can apply energies and forces - under cosmic law - which create, sustain and utilize, for the ends of His divine Purpose, the entire planet. He animates the planet with His life; He sustains the planet and all that is in or on it through His soul quality, which He imparts in varying measure to every form; He creates continuously the new forms needed to express the "life more abundantly" and the "increasing purpose of His will" which the progress of the ages makes [680] cyclically possible. We live at this time in a cycle wherein His intense activity is utilizing the technique of divine destruction for the release of the spiritual life, and He is simultaneously creating the new structure of civilization which will express more fully the evolutionary attainment of the planet and the kingdoms in nature, leading eventually to the perfect expression of His divine life and purpose.

It would perhaps be wise if we took this tenth Law somewhat in detail, where possible, so as to arrive at the synthesis which it is intended to convey: we will thus gain some realization that death itself is a part of the creative process of synthesizing. It is essential that new ideas and a new approach to the entire problem of dying are inaugurated.

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