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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
In considering the general subject of imperfection and of evil, we are dealing here with causes (and this the initiate must ever do); when these causes are themselves removed, then the effects will also disappear. Christian Science and Unity are therefore right in their general theory and premises, but totally wrong in their emphases and methods. In the long run, all the work they do today is relatively futile, except in so far that they preserve and enunciate the Law of Perfection, even though they do so in a muddled manner and their teaching is tainted with the universal selfishness. [664]

You have oft been told that there are two modes of achievement; the long hard way of evolution, in which aeons are taken to arrive at relatively small results, or the short, still harder but much more rapid way of initiation. For ages it remained a question (a moot point, do you not call it?) whether the world of men would choose (and had better choose) the slow but safe method. It is a method in which imperfection is only very gradually eliminated, without much strain and with small effort on the part of man. It is a mode whereby good is only slowly realized and evil only slowly, very slowly, driven out. The will-to-good of Shamballa is, under the usual evolutionary system, only faintly present, and many, many aeons would still lie ahead of humanity before even the present point of human development could have been attained.

But something happened which had not been foreseen even by the Hierarchy. During the past two hundred years the entire picture has been altered. Individual men, in adequate numbers, achieved initiation and entered the Ashrams of the Masters, and through the decision of these successful aspirants, and subject to their continued activity, it was decided by them but for humanity that the rapid hard way was to be tried. Since that time three factors have been present:

  1. The factor of tremendous progress in raising the consciousness of mankind, en masse, to much higher intellectual levels. To this the growth of education, the discoveries of science and the control of the material plane and of the air bear testimony.
  2. The factor of worldwide distress, of economic disaster, of world wars, of natural cataclysms and of the myriad occurrences and difficulties which make individual life, national life and planetary life so hard these days. No one is exempt and there is no distinction shown. [665]
  3. The factor of the growth of knowledge anent the Hierarchy and, above all else, of the spiritual Plan. This has necessitated the presentation of a goal to man by the working aspirants and disciples, plus the outlining of the techniques of the Path whereby that goal can be reached. This has not been accomplished by the religious church groups throughout the world, but by members of the Ashrams. All that the churches have done is to preserve in the public mind the fact of God Transcendent, whilst ignoring the fact of God Immanent, to testify to the existence of the Christ whilst travestying His teaching, and to teach the fact of immortality, whilst ignoring the Law of Rebirth.

Humanity is, therefore, progressing rapidly upon the Upward Way, and two things can be looked for as a consequence: first, that the imperfections and evil (one latent and the other active though retreating) will become increasingly apparent to intelligent man, and secondly, that the mode of their elimination will also become known.

I deal not here with the nature of imperfection or the purpose of evil. Do I need to point out to any of my readers how inescapably both are present? I might point out that imperfection is inherent in the nature of matter itself and constitutes an inheritance from a previous solar system. I might indicate that evil emanates from that hierarchy of evil Forces which are the material correspondence to the spiritual Hierarchy; this is related to the fact that all our planes are composed of substance of the cosmic physical plane. It might also be stated that when the imperfection of matter is realized and corrected, and when the interest and emphasis of humanity is turned away from material conditions, then the Forces of Evil will have nothing in the three worlds (the three lower levels of the cosmic physical plane) [666] upon which to work; there will be nothing they can influence, and no mode of influencing man will then exist as far as evil is concerned. I cannot expect you at this time to comprehend the meaning of my words. They are, however, related to the words in the Great Invocation which say, "and seal the door where evil dwells." There is a door into an evil realm and into blackness, just as there is a door into a world of goodness and light; the devil is to man who is dedicated and consecrated to evil what the Dweller on the Threshold is to the spiritual aspirant.

The main task of the spiritual Hierarchy has ever been to stand between the Forces of Evil and humanity, to bring imperfection into the light so that evil can "find no place" for action, and to keep the door open into the spiritual realm. This the Hierarchy has done, with small help from humanity; this situation is now changed and the world war was the symbol and the guarantee of that change; in it the Forces of Light, the massed United Nations, fought the Forces of Evil upon the physical plane and routed them. There has been a far greater spiritual significance to the war than has yet been realized. It marked a world turning point; it reoriented humanity towards the good; it drove back the Forces of Evil and made definitely clear (and this was new and needed) the true distinction between good and evil, and this not in a theological sense - as stated by the church commentators - but practically and obviously. It is evidenced by the disastrous economic situation and by the greed of prominent men in every country. The world of men (through the obviousness of the distinction between good and evil) has awakened to the fact of materialistic exploitation, to the lack of real freedom and to the rights, as yet unclaimed, of the individual. Man's ability to resist slavery has become apparent everywhere. That the strugglers towards freedom are employing wrong methods and are [667] endeavoring oft to fight evil with evil is entirely true, but this indicates only transitional techniques and a temporary phase; it is temporary from the point of view of the Hierarchy (though possibly long from the angle of men in the three worlds), but it need not necessarily be long today.

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