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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
Let us now consider Law IX.

In Law IX and Rule Six we shall be dealing with such basic fundamentals that our problem will be to formulate the teaching in such a concise manner that vast themes may be briefly handled, and at the same time appear clear and simple. This law is in reality a definition of the Law of Evolution, but given from the spiritual angle. The Law of Evolution - as commonly understood - concerns the evolution of the form aspect as it is gradually fitted to be an exponent or an expression of soul energy, and later of monadic energy.

This law, which might be termed the Law of Perfection, deals with the interior energies which are responsible for the working of the Law of Evolution. It is the higher aspect or the determining cause of the lower; the laws subsidiary to the Law of Perfection are loosely called (by the neophyte) the spiritual laws, but of these he knows little and unifies them all in his mind under the general idea that they are an expression of the love aspect of Deity. That is essentially true, from the quality angle, if it is recognized at the same time that the love aspect is essentially pure reason and not an emotional sentiment expressing itself through kind actions.

The rule which accompanies this law deals with the relation of love and will, and is consequently of high importance to the initiate. I would remind you here that the [660] only true healer is the initiate, and therefore the last two laws (Law IX and Law X) can only be truly understood by the initiated disciple. They are, however, profoundly interesting intellectually to the beginner, the enquirer and the aspirant, because (theoretically at least) he can grasp some of their meaning though he is as yet quite incapable of "keeping the law" - spiritually understood.

Law IX
Perfection calls imperfection to the surface. Good drives evil from the form of man in time and space. The method used by the Perfect One and that employed by Good, is harmlessness. This is not negativity, but perfect poise, a completed point of view, and divine understanding.

This law is profoundly simple and means exactly what it says. It can be interpreted in two ways:

  1. It concerns the spiritual development of man through the medium of form, and the mode or law whereby the latent hold of matter - impregnated by selfishness and by all that is recognized as evil - is removed, and man stands free.
  2. It can also be interpreted in terms of healer and patient. Oft the effect of the activity and knowledge of the true healer is to bring to the surface (in an acute form) the evil (disease) within the form. The result of this can either be the elimination of the disease and the securing of health, or the form will succumb to the increase of the difficulty and the probability is that the patient will die. It is therefore fortunate that the average healer is so futile that such a dire possibility is not present!

The method employed under the Law of Perfection is called "perfect harmlessness," and that was ever the method used [661] by the Christ, the Perfect One. It is not the harmlessness enjoined so often by me as I speak to aspirants, but a harmlessness imposed by the spiritual man and by his natural destiny. It is an ignoring of the effect or the result upon the form nature. Frequently I have told you that the Hierarchy works only with the spiritual nature or with the soul of humanity, and that - to the Master - the form is regarded as relatively of no importance. Release from the threefold form is ever regarded by the spiritual man as the greatest possible good, provided it comes to him under law, as the result of his spiritual destiny and of karmic decision; it must not come as an arbitrary act, or as an escape from life and its consequences upon the physical plane, or as self-imposed. Of this strange working of the Law of Perfection (strange to man's limited point of view), the war (1914-1945) was a striking instance. Millions died; more millions suffered cruelly in their form nature, and many more millions underwent (and are still undergoing) the mental agony of insecurity, suspense and poverty. Nevertheless, two major results of a spiritual nature, working under the Law of Perfection, resulted:

  1. Souls were released from a backward and decaying civilization - for such is your vaunted civilization from the angle of the Hierarchy - and will return in better bodies to a civilization and a culture more in conformity with the needs of the spiritual man. The main reason why there has been such a complete destruction of the old forms (physical, emotional and mental) is that they constituted a complete imprisonment of the soul and negated all true growth for the masses of men.
  2. From the rich to the poor, from the intelligent to the ignorant, one thing is now clearly grasped and will increasingly color human thinking: happiness and [662] success are not dependent upon the possession of things or upon material good. That idea is the mistake of organized labor as it fights and strikes for more money in order to live more richly; it is also the mistake of the general public as it reacts to the action of labor, for it rebels against the curtailment of the steady inflow of material goods. Humanity has made this mistake for untold ages, and has erred grievously in its emphasis upon that which benefits the form. This is the good in the Russian position as it wars on capitalism and lays an emphasis upon education. However, its ruthlessness and cruelty and (above all else) its suppression of the rights of the individual citizen to certain of the essential freedoms may eventually negate the beauty and the hope of the initial idealism. Russia is right in her idealism, but terribly and basically wrong in her techniques. The United States and Great Britain are at a midway point. They have a vision but know not how to materialize it and make it true, for they favor not (and rightly) a totalitarian regime. The capitalistic spirit and the latent fascism of the United States are at this time a definite menace to world peace, and the capitalists are blocking the efforts of the men of goodwill. Great Britain is at present impotent, financially ruined, her old imperialistic policies entirely in the discard, and her people discouraged; she is therefore so preoccupied with the struggle to live (and she will live) that there is little time, interest or energy left to make the vision true.

There is, as you know, always a correspondence between the individual man and the world of men as a whole. Just as today practically every human being has something wrong with him physically - eyes, ears, teeth or bodily ills of some [663] nature - so humanity is sick and awaiting healing. The healing will be brought about through the medium of the New Group of World Servers and by the men of goodwill, aided by the Hierarchy, from which planetary center the healing energies will be drawn. Imperfection has been drawn to the surface; the evils to be eliminated are known to everybody, and this has all taken place under the influence of the Law of Perfection. I am dealing here with the general situation rather than with the individual relation between the healer and a patient. I do so for the simple reason that only an initiate of experience and of understanding can keep this law or obey this rule, and of such there are only a very few on earth today. The sickness of humanity as a race, and as a result of aeons of wrong living, of selfish purpose and of greed, has produced a mass of physical ills; today millions of children are born either openly diseased or with the seed of disease in them. When the evil which has made its presence felt, and when the imperfections which have been drawn to the surface have been cured or driven back to their own place, then - and only then - will physical disease come to an end or yield easily to treatment.

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