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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
  1. This is the fifth Law of Healing within the world of form.

This fifth law is primarily concerned with the fifth principle of mind or manas; it is this principle which makes a human being what he is; it is this principle which makes him a prisoner within the form and upon the planet, and thus makes him vulnerable and open to attacks upon the form aspect; these constitute part of the agelong action of evil versus good. It is this fifth principle, when controlled and used by the Son of Mind, Who is a Son of God, which will enable the spiritual man to free himself from form of every kind, and therefore from disease and death. [600]

It will be obvious that the healer, as he trains himself in the healing art, has to grasp clearly and candidly certain exceedingly simple yet esoteric facts:

  1. That healing is simply and essentially the manipulation of energies.
  2. That he must carefully differentiate between energies and forces.
  3. That if he seeks real success, he must learn to place the patient as accurately as possible upon the correct rung of the ladder of evolution.
  4. That knowledge of the centers is imperative.
  5. That he himself must work as a soul through his personality.
  6. That his relation to the patient (unless the latter is highly evolved) is a personality one.
  7. That he must locate the center controlling the area which involves the point of friction.
  8. That, as with all else in the occult sciences, disease and healing are both of them aspects of the great "relationship" system which governs all manifestation.

If the healer will take these eight points and reflect and brood upon them, he will lay a sound foundation for all work to be done; their relative simplicity is such that it will be obvious that anyone can be a healer if he so chooses and is willing to conform to the requirements. The current idea that a person is a "born" healer, and therefore unique, in reality indicates only that it is one of his main directed interests. Therefore, because of this interest, his attention has been turned towards the healing art and consequently towards contact with patients; owing to the inevitable working of the law which governs thought, he discovers that energy follows his thought and flows through him to the [601] patient. When he does this with deliberation, a healing will often follow. Any man or woman - given real interest and prompted by the incentive to serve - who thinks and loves, can be a healer, and it is time that people grasped that fact. The entire process of healing is thought-directed; it concerns the direction of energy currents or their abstraction, and this is another way of speaking about radiation and magnetism. Every initiate is a healer, and the more advanced the initiate the less is he occupied with the intricacies of centers and forces, energies and their direction. He heals automatically, as was the case with the initiate, Peter; of him we read that "the shadow of Peter passing by healed everyone of them."

The major difference to be seen in the interim (an interim of many, many thousands of years) between the type of healing mentioned above and the work of a less advanced healer, will be that those healers who are trained physicians and accredited medical men as well as spiritual healers will have a great advantage over the untrained healer, because their diagnosis of the disease will be more apt to be correct and their powers of visualization will be greater, owing to their trained familiarity with the structure of the body and their knowledge of morbid pathology. It will be wise, for a very long time to come, for the spiritual healer to work always in collaboration with a trained physician. The healer will provide the required occult knowledge. The time when any nice, kindly and spiritually minded person sets up as a healer should be well-nigh over; any healing practice should be preceded by years of careful study anent the nature of energy, of the ray types, of the centers; a minimum of at least three years should be given to this; when to this is added the science of the trained medical man, graduating from our best medical colleges, you will then have a new and much better treatment of the human vehicle than is now [602] the case. Then the healer's orthodox and occult knowledge, his visualizing capacity and his power of thought direction will be real and practically effective.

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