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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
  1. The two, the five and then the seven, plus that which they produce, possess the secret. [597]

The enumeration is in the nature of a summation of what has been previously given, and its most superficial meaning and the one of the most use to the healer could be simply expressed as follows:

The healer must bear in mind the fact of the two major energies which are present in every personality: the soul and the personality rays. He must then bear in mind that to these two he must add three conditioning rays, making the five above mentioned: the mind ray, the ray of the astral body and the ray of the physical body.

This enumeration will usually prove adequate for all ordinary or average people. If, however, the patient is a very advanced person, another form of enumeration will be in order; it will be necessary to add two more energies which will then be present in real potency: the ray of the monad and the ray of the planet, which is the third ray. This planetary ray when very active (as is the case with very advanced persons and those who have attained a high point of general integration) has a potent effect; planetary prana comes in powerfully on the planetary ray, and this can be used to bring about a cure. One reason why the general health of all very advanced people is usually good is that pranic energy from the planet has a free flow through the mechanism. It is this energy which the Master, working through a relatively perfect body, depends upon to keep it in good health. This is a somewhat new piece of information and one which - when recognized - will appear both simple and reasonable. "That which they produce" in this case, and to the healer, means the outer tangible form; there are other significances, but with these we need not here deal.

The "secret" referred to is the revelation of the manner in which good health may be preserved. It is not the secret [598] of how to cure the physical vehicle when "bodily ills" are present. But there is a secret of good health which is known to all initiates above the third initiation; and this they can simply employ, if they so choose. However, they may not so choose always unless they are working with other parts of the Plan which have nothing to do with humanity. If they are among those who are occupied with the unfolding consciousness in man and who are workers for and in the human kingdom, they may know the secret but may, at the same time, choose not to profit by it because of the need they feel to be completely identified with mankind; they therefore choose to share consciously all human experience and to die along lines which are common to the rest of men. The entire question of identification lies behind all manifestation; it is identification with or of spirit and matter which is the secret of divine appearance; one of the main causes of disease, as well you know, is the facility with which men identify themselves with the form aspect (with the many localized forces - localized within the personality ring-pass-not). Man neglects to identify himself with the producer of the form, the true spiritual man, and with the energies which he seeks to direct, and which - later in the evolutionary cycle - he is insistent upon directing.

There is also a secret meaning here which relates to the seven rays as they express themselves in the human kingdom; the knowledge of this secret enables a Master to control epidemics and widespread diseases; with this you are not at this time concerned. Incidentally, the relative freedom from the plagues and epidemics which usually follow in the wake of war has been partly due to the use of this sevenfold knowledge by the Hierarchy, plus the scientific knowledge of humanity itself.

In this connection also (and I mention it simply from the angle of its interest) there are two hierarchical [599] officials - the Mahachohan and His Representative upon the seventh ray - Who are today in possession of this secret in its entirety, and They are aided by five other Masters in applying the gained knowledge. These five Masters are working primarily with the deva evolution, and this is, as you know, connected with form, and in this particular case with the healing devas. These seven Members of the Hierarchy are aided in Their turn by one of the Buddhas of Activity, and also by the representative of the Spirit of the Earth. This again makes the two, the five, and then the seven - a different enumeration, and one which when brought together equals nine, which is the number of initiation. This numerical relationship brings man to the point where he is "initiated into the realm of perfection and knows no further aches or pains, and his mind is thus deflected from that which is below to that which is above."

I have mentioned this phase of mankind's relation to the subject of health so as to show you how subtle and esoteric are the matters with which we are dealing, and so give to the individual patient a sense of proportion, where his bodily ills or even his death are concerned.

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