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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
  1. There is naught but energy, for God is Life

This is a broad generalization which may convey much to the initiate but assuredly conveys very little to the average thinker, to whom life means essentially and simply that which calls into manifestation a form, which sustains it in being and constantly demonstrates its presence by activity of some kind or another - an activity which demonstrates its livingness. We, however, erroneously apply the term living to the ability of a form to manifest and express its quality and nature. Yet livingness and quality exist apart from form and often come into major expression and usefulness through the application of the Law of Death.

The fact of divinity and of divine origin is proved by the fact of life. This is oft overlooked, and the emphasis is put upon the concept that life evokes and supports a form [586] which anchors the life-essence and proves the reality of its existence.

It is the life of the One Source of all manifesting forms which creates relationships and essential qualities, and though this has been affirmed ceaselessly it still remains a meaningless platitude. As men, however, begin to recognize God as energy and themselves as aspects of that energy, as they begin consciously to work with energies and recognize the distinction in time and space between energies and forces, and then as the soul comes into greater functioning activity, the fact of life will be recognized in a new and almost formidable manner. It should be remembered that the soul is a secondary energy, which proves the existence of the primary energy and is responsible for the appearance of the third form of energy - the tangible and the objective. Life will eventually be known as capable of being invoked by the soul in the interests of the form. Here lies a clue to our general theme.

Up till now the mechanism of approach to the life aspect - the antahkarana and the agent, the spiritual will - has not been understood in any useful sense. Today, the first faint hints as to the use of the antahkarana, and its purpose in relation to the personality and the Spiritual Triad, are being studied by a few students in the world, and their numbers will steadily increase as both personality and soul establish contact and fusion and more people take initiation. The purpose, consequently, for the very existence of the fourth kingdom in nature (as a transmitting agent for the higher spiritual energies to the three lower kingdoms) will begin to appear, and men, in group formation, will consciously begin this work of "saving" - in the esoteric sense, needless to say - these other grouped lives. The Macrocosm with its purpose and incentives will for the first time begin to reflect itself into the human kingdom in a new [587] and more potent manner, and this in its turn will become the macrocosm of the three lesser states of conscious lives - the animal, the vegetable and the mineral kingdoms.

All this is a deep mystery, but has remained so only on account of the lack of development of the fourth kingdom. There had been a deviation from the original intent. Its function and field of service could, however, be realized and expressed only when this highest aspect, the will aspect, had been brought into conscious expression in mankind through the building and the utilization of the antahkarana. Along the rainbow bridge the life aspect can flow, and it is to this that the Christ referred when He states that He had come so that there might be present upon the Earth, "life more abundantly." Always there has been life, but when the Christ consciousness is radiantly present (as is the case today, though on a small scale) and the numbers of those expressing it are vast indeed, the inference is that the antahkarana is firmly established; the rainbow bridge can then be traversed and crossed, and life in abundance and in a new and impelling sense, and a fresh impulsing sense can also flow through humanity into the subhuman kingdoms in nature. This is evidence of divinity, and outstanding testimony of man's divine origin, and the hope, the saving hope, of the world.

The energy and the forces constitute the sumtotal of all that is. This is another basic truism or platitude upon which the science of occultism is built and which the healing art must recognize. There is, in manifestation, nothing else of any kind whatsoever. Disease itself is a form of active energy, demonstrating in forces which destroy or produce death. Therefore, if our basic premise is correct, disease is also a form of divine expression, for what we know to be evil is also the reverse side of that which we call good. Shall we belittle the subject or cause a false impression [588] if we regard evil (at least as far as disease is concerned) as misplaced or maladjusted good? Will you misunderstand if I say that disease is energy which is not functioning as desired or according to plan? Inpouring energies are brought into relation with forces, and good health, strong and adequate forms and vital activity result; the same inpouring energies can, however, be brought into relation with the same forces and a point of friction be set up, producing a diseased area, pain, suffering and perhaps death. The energies and the forces remain of the same essentially divine nature, but the relationship established has produced the problem. If this sentence is studied it will be obvious that a definition such as that can be used to cover all forms of difficulty, and that the ultimate producer of the situation (either good or evil) is the relationship aspect. This statement is of major importance in all your thinking.

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