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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
We come now to the consideration of a long and somewhat complicated law and one which attempts to cover so much ground that at first reading it is apt to be confusing.

Law V
There is naught but energy, for God is Life. Two energies meet in man, but other five are present. For each is to be found a central point of contact. The conflict of these energies with forces and of forces twixt themselves produce the bodily ills of man. The conflict of the first and second persists for ages until the mountain top is reached - the first great mountain top. The fight between the forces produces all disease, all ills and bodily pain which seek release in death. The two, the five and thus the seven, plus that which they produce, possess the secret. This is the fifth law of healing within the world of form. [583]

It has been impossible hitherto to give the subject-matter of this law because it is only today that teaching anent Life (and life as energy) has been possible. Also the teaching anent the five and the two energies which meet in man have only lately been given out by me, for the first time in any detail, although they were hinted at in The Secret Doctrine. I wonder sometimes if any of you realize the epoch-making importance of the teaching which I have given out anent the seven rays as manifesting energies. Speculations as to the nature of the divine Trinity have ever been present in the discussions and thinking of advanced men - and that since time began and the Hierarchy started its agelong task of influencing and stimulating the human consciousness - but information anent the seven Spirits before the Throne of the Trinity has not been so usual and only a few writers, ancient or modern, have touched upon the nature of these Beings. Now, with all that I have given you concerning the seven rays and the seven Ray Lords, much more can be discovered; these seven great Lives can be seen and known as the informing essences and the active energies in all that is manifested and tangible upon the physical plane as well as on all the planes of divine expression; in saying this, I include not only the cosmic physical plane (composed of our seven systemic planes) but the cosmic astral and the cosmic mental planes also.

In this rule the healer is expected to accept certain basic ideas which will serve to develop his understanding; certain broad and general axioms are laid down which will form a sound foundation for all future work. The main point to bear in mind is that this rule relates entirely to the physical plane (dense and etheric) and to the effects which the conflict between the energies and the forces produces within the physical body. The forces are those energies which are limited and imprisoned within a form of any kind - a body, [584] a plane, an organ, a center; the energies are those streams of directed energy which make impact upon these imprisoned forces (if I may so call them) from within a greater or more inclusive form, from a subtler plane, thus making contact with a grosser vibratory force. An energy is subtler and more potent than the force upon which it makes impact or establishes contact; the force is less potent but is anchored. In these last two words you have the key to the problem of the relationship of energies. Free energy, from the angle of the anchored point of contact, is in some ways less effective (within a limited sphere) than the energy already anchored there. It is essentially more potent but not effective. Ponder on this and let me illustrate my point. In the life of the aspirant, the energy of the solar plexus center (from long use, centralization and habit) is more potent in its effect upon the life of the aspirant than is the energy of the heart center, which is only slowly, very slowly, coming into effective action. To illustrate further: the energies of the personality are far more potent in conditioning the life of the average man than is the energy of the soul, which for aeons has tried to grasp effectively its point of manifestation, the personality, but has failed until very late in the cycle of incarnations. Yet, in the last analysis, heart energy and soul energy are infinitely more potent than those of the solar plexus center or the personality. For aeons, however, the energy of the heart center and the energy of the soul have lacked responsive vehicles in the three worlds.

In a way, this simplifies the problem of the healer, because the first thing he has to decide is whether soul energy or personality energy is in control; that is a matter very simply discovered. The life trend of the patient, his mode of living or of service, the character he displays, are all indicative of the potencies which control his manifested expression. If the man is a true aspirant and is aiming [585] consciously to tread the Path of Discipleship, he will aid the discovery by frank admission; however, if there is no response from the personality forces to the soul impact of the healer, the personality will remain unaware of the opportunity and quite unconscious of the impact. These conditions the healer can therefore easily ascertain.

This law is a long one and contains statements of major importance. It would be profitable for us, in the interests of our subject, to study them with the utmost care and so become aware of their significance and true meaning; this understanding must be from the standpoint of the initiate-consciousness, and not from the angle of vision of the average or unillumined man. We will, therefore, take each sentence by itself and seek its meaning. There are seven statements contained in this law, and much of their import is exoterically familiar to you, but can be restated in relation to the healing art.

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