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Esoteric Healing - Chapter III - Our Karmic Liabilities
Within the areas where a disease is manifested, certain esoteric facts anent the general subject have already been posited by me:
  1. That disease, in its immediate cause, can be traced to the individual etheric body when the difficulty is purely local, or to the planetary etheric body (in particular the etheric body of the fourth kingdom in nature) where epidemics are involved, or to such a condition as war, affecting large masses of men.
  2. That the etheric body has not hitherto been considered as an existent fact, from the angle of orthodox medicine, though there is a modern drift towards emphasis upon vitality, upon the vital qualities in food, and the giving of vitamin products in order to build up a vital response. This is the first indication of an unrealized need to increase the potency of the vital body.
  3. That the condition of the etheric body predisposes the subject to disease or protects it from disease, making man resistant to the impact of deteriorating or epidemic factors, or failing to do so because of inherent etheric weakness.
  4. That the etheric body is the mechanism of vital, pranic life, and "substands" or underlies the outer, familiar equipment of the nervous system, which feeds and actuates all parts of the physical organism. The relationship existing between the centers, the nadis and the entire nervous system comprises the field of the new medicine and indicates the new major field of research.
  5. That the main causes of all disease are two in nature:
    1. They are to be found, first of all, in the stimulation or the non-stimulation of the centers. This simply implies the over-activity or the underactivity of [275] any center in any part of the body. Where the flow of energy is commensurate to the demands of the physical body at any particular stage of development, then there will be relative freedom from disease.
    2. They are to be found, secondly, in the karmic effect of the three planetary diseases: Cancer, Tuberculosis, Syphilitic diseases. Some day medicine will realize that behind every single disease (irrespective of the results of accident or war) lie these three main tendencies in the human body. This is a basic and important statement.
  6. That the etheric body is a focusing point for all the interior energies of the body, and therefore the energy transmitted will not be pure vital energy or simple planetary prana but will be qualified by forces coming from the astral or the emotional apparatus, from the mind or from the soul body. These "qualifications of force," indicating as they do the karma of the individual, are in the last analysis the major conditioning forces. They indicate the point of development of the individual and the areas of control in his personality. They therefore indicate the state of his karma. This lifts the whole subject of medicine into the psychological field and posits the entire problem of karmic effects and of ray types.
  7. That these conditioning factors make the etheric body what it is in any one incarnation; these factors are, in their turn, the result of activities initiated and carried through in previous incarnations, and thus constitute the patient's karmic liabilities or his karmic freedoms.
  8. That the basic energies pouring into the etheric body and conditioning the physical body will be of two major [276] types: the ray energy of the soul and the ray energy of the personality, qualified by the three minor forces or the rays of the mental nature, the astral body and the physical vehicle. This therefore involves five energies which are present in the etheric body which the physician of the future will have to consider.
  9. That diagnoses, based upon the recognition of these subjective factors, are not in reality the involved and complicated matter they appear to be today to the student of the advanced occult theories. Medical men in the New Age will eventually know enough to relate these various ray forces to their appropriate centers; hence they will know which type of force is responsible for conditions - good or bad - in any particular area of the body. Some day, when more research and investigation have been carried forward, the science of medicine will be built upon the fact of the vital body and its constituent energies. It will then be discovered that this science will be far simpler and less complicated than present medical science. Today, medicine has reached such a point of complexity that specialists have perforce been needed who can deal with one area of the body and with its effect upon the entire physical vehicle. The average general practitioner cannot cope with the mass of detailed knowledge now gathered re the physical body, its various systems, their interrelation and their effect upon the many organisms which constitute the whole man. Surgery will remain occupied with the anatomical necessities of the human frame; medicine will shift its focus of attention, before long, to the etheric body and its incident circulatory systems of energy, its interlocking relationships and the flow between the seven centers, between the centers themselves and the areas which they control. [277] This will mark a tremendous advance in wise and useful approach; it will produce a basic simplification; it will lead to more correct methods of healing, particularly as clairvoyant vision is developed and becomes recognized by science, and known to be an extension of a normal sense.
  10. As the true astrology comes into its own and is developed into a reputable science, the charts of the soul and of the personality can be related to each other; then the etheric body will be checked by correct astrological conclusions, and the physician will be on far surer ground than he now is. The astrology of the past concerned the life of the personality; the astrology of the future will indicate the purpose of the soul, and will completely revolutionize medicine (among other things). It must, however, be lifted out of the hands of those interested in predictional astrology, out of the hands of the thousands who at this time spend much time "casting" horoscopes (seeking to interpret their usually erroneous conclusions), and placed in the hands of trained mathematical scientists and in the hands of those who have given as much time to scientific training along astrological lines as is now given to training a reputable physician, a chemist or a biologist.
  11. These astrological findings will not only be related to the personality and the soul charts, but will also enter the field of medicine, particularly in relation to the etheric body. Today, any astrological investigation done in the field of medicine has relation to physical disease within the physical body; in the future, it will concentrate upon the condition of the etheric vehicle. This is a new and imminent development in astrological research. [278]
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