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Esoteric Healing - Chapter III - Our Karmic Liabilities
Let me here make a practical statement which might be regarded as the next Rule in this treatise:

Rule six
A careful diagnosis of the disease, based on the ascertained outer symptoms, will be simplified to this extent that, once the organ involved is known and thus isolated, the center in the etheric body which is in closest relation to it will be subjected to methods of occult healing, though the ordinary, ameliorative, medical or surgical methods will not be withheld.

It is here that the fanatical cultist or healer of today so often goes astray. The old approach to medicine, with its physical investigation and its successful or unsuccessful diagnosis, will still be required until such time that physicians and surgeons have clairvoyant faculty, intuitive perception and spiritual insight, and also until they have worked out a technique for handling energy in relation to the patient. To this will some day be added correct astrological interpretation, immediate recognition of ray types, and then the application of the right healing techniques, as required by the ray which conditions the patient's life expression, plus his point in evolution.

I am handicapped greatly as a I seek to lay the foundation for this new approach to medicine. I am handicapped by the idealistic pronouncements of the pioneers in the new fields of nature healing, by the naturopaths, and by the [272] premises of Christian Science and the Unity Schools. All that I can do (if you are to profit by my presentation) is to lay down certain broad and general assumptions which will govern the medical men of the future. But in the interim period between the old and the new eras, men will wander in a fog of speculation; a great conflict will be engineered between the fundamentalist schools and the speculators and the investigators of the new ideas, and temporarily the "noble middle path" of the Buddha will be forgotten.

There is present today, in the science of medicine, a situation paralleling that to be found in the realm of religion. The old approach suffices for the masses and is frequently successful both in its ameliorative and preventive aspects, and in its process of diagnosis. This is all that is possible at this time. In the same manner, the old religious presentation suffices to guide the unthinking masses along certain broad lines of controlled living, and to keep clearly in the consciousness of the average man certain uncontrovertible, spiritual facts. Both in the guidance and protection of the masses in their spiritual natures and in the guidance and protection of their physical vehicles, doctors and priests can be divided into various groups - some adhering to old proved techniques, some so fundamentalist in position that they refuse to investigate that which is new and unproven, and some so idealistic, speculative and fanatical that they rush ahead and enter into a world of speculative experiment which may or may not give them the key to the medicine of the future but which certainly puts their patients into the category of what you call "guinea pigs."

The surest and least speculative field in medical practice is that which is concerned with the surgical relief of the patient; it is founded on a sure knowledge of anatomy, its diagnosis of requirements can be intelligently controlled, and [273] its practice (when in the hands of a sound and reputable surgeon) can and frequently does produce a cure or a real prolongation of life. However, even in that field little is known about the results of an operation as it may affect the etheric body and (consequently) the nervous system through the intermediate system of the "nadis" or the etheric counterpart of the nerves. I would instance the removal of some organ. Definite results must necessarily be present and a period of difficult adjustment must inevitably take place within the subtle mechanism of the patient. The area of the body which has received surgical treatment, and particularly the center in closest relation to it, must be affected, for the circulatory flow of energy, emanating from the center, will find itself "short circuited," if I could use such a phrase. This flow, which has hitherto passed through the area of surgical attention, must work its way to all parts of the body, via the "nadis"; these, as you know, underlie and feed the needed energy to the nervous system. Old channels for the flow of energy will have been removed, as the result of operative measures, major or minor. New channels or lines of force, bridging the "mutilated" area, will have to be established and a basic adjustment will have to be made within the vital mechanism of the patient. Along this line there is practically nothing as yet known. It is not even yet in the field of advanced research.

The new medicine cannot be scientifically formulated or intelligently presented until such time as the fact of the etheric body is accepted and its existence, as a mechanism of energy supply and as the vital aspect of the outer form, is generally recognized. The shift of the attention of the medical profession will then be away from the outer, tangible, physical effects and to the inner causes, as they are to be found in the centers and their related fields of activity. [274]

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