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Esoteric Healing - Chapter I - The Psychological Causes of Disease
  1. The sacral center registers the energy of the third aspect of divinity, just as the solar plexus center registers that of the second aspect and the basic center expresses the energy of the first aspect. Here [179] again you have the lower centers reflecting the throat, heart and head centers and thus completing the higher and the lower manifestation of the divine Trinity in man. This center was brought into full functioning activity in old Lemuria, the first human race; its energy is that of the Holy Spirit, over-shadowing virgin substance. Here again we find also another divine reflection in the following:

Sacral center / Adrenal glands / Male & Female Organs of generation

Eventually, in the Divine Hermaphrodite (later to appear) you will have another combination:

Divine Hermaphrodite

Again you will note, my brother, how the Science of Triangles governs the human frame in all its aspects, as well as the frame of a solar system. This is to be expected.

  1. The dense physical externalization of this center is to be found in the gonads, the human organs of [180] generation - viewing them as a basic unity, though temporarily separated in the present dualistic expression of the human being. It must be remembered that this separation fosters a powerful impulse towards fusion, and this urge to blend we call sex. Sex is, in reality, the instinct towards unity: first of all, a physical unity. It is the innate (though much misunderstood) principle of mysticism, which is the name we give to the urge to union with the divine. Like all else that undeveloped man has touched, we have perverted and distorted a divine idea and prostituted an immaterial urge to material desire. We have reversed the direction of the sacral energy, hence the over-developed animal nature and functions of average humanity.

There is necessarily much more that I could add to the above, but the theme would require much careful analysis, elucidation and wording that time permits not, or the established balance of this Treatise would not be preserved.

There is also little that I can say anent the center at the base of the spine. Before, however, I take up whatever information is fruitful or possible, I would like to point out that the diagram on page 715 portrays the point in evolution of a disciple and not of an advanced initiate. It is not a description either of the everyday, average human being. This is indicated by the fact that the reflection of the heart center in the head is turning upwards in response to an increased activity of the heart center itself, and that the definition of the ajna center is clear and exact, demonstrating an integrated, coordinated personality. This is not therefore the diagram of the centers of the ordinary or undeveloped person. It is impossible for such diagrams to do more than give some point of consummation, but it should be [181] remembered that these points of consummation are not static attainments but are each of them preceded by phases and stages of activity which produce constantly changing results and varying aspects of the centers; these, in their turn, are succeeded by other cycles of movement, of change and of a renewed release of energies. The effects of the deep underlying causes themselves become causes, for in the cycle of manifestation there is nothing static or fixed or finally determined. This is a point of extreme importance. Be not therefore misled by apparent moments of achievement. They are but prefaces to change, for such is the Law of Being.

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