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Esoteric Healing - Chapter I - The Psychological Causes of Disease
6. The Sacral Center. This center is located in the lower part of the lumbar area and is a very powerful center, controlling as it does the sex life. One of the interesting things about this center is that it must always remain a powerful center until two-thirds of mankind have taken initiation, for the generative processes must go on and remain active in order to provide bodies for incoming souls. But as the race progresses, this center will be controlled and its activities will be carried forward intelligently and as the result of knowledge, of insight and of higher and subtler contacts, and not as the result of unlimited and uncontrolled desire, as is now the case. I cannot enlarge further upon this matter as the theme is too big. I can, however, bring to your attention what I have already written, and suggest that someone with the interest and the time should collect all I have said in all my books anent the subject of sex so that a pamphlet on the subject may be compiled.
  1. The sacral center corresponds to the physical sun, the source of vitality, and the life-giving agent on our planet.
  2. The symbolism of the sacral center is concerned primarily with the gestation period prior to birth, and in its right understanding can be traced and expanded the whole story of conception, of form-building, and this whether it is the physical form of a human being, the form of an idea, an organization [177] built around a central truth, the form of a planet or of a solar system. It is perhaps above everything else the center through which the forces of Impersonality must eventually express themselves, and the whole problem of dualism must be solved. This solution and interpretation of the symbol must come from the realm of the mind, thereby controlling the physical reaction and occupying itself with purposes and not with desire. Ponder on this. When it is thus understood, then we shall be reaching the point where a great transference can take place into the higher center of creation, the throat center.
  3. The sacral center is therefore closely related to matter, and there is a flow of energy between three points in the lower part of the human body:
    1. The spleen, the organ of prana or of physical vitality coming from the sun.
    2. The sacral center, the predisposing agent towards physical generation.
    3. The center at the base of the spine which (until the will aspect is aroused in man) feeds the life-giving principle, the will-to-live, to all parts of the human frame.

These create a great triangle of force, concerned with matter, with substance, form-building, creation, vitality and persistence in form. This triangle is a reflection of a much higher one, composed of

  1. The throat center, corresponding to the sacral center.
  2. The pituitary body, corresponding to the spelling center. [178]
  3. The pineal gland, corresponding to the basic center.

In the relation of these two triangles lies the clue to the instinct of self-preservation, the survival of the subtle bodies after death, and the principle of immortality which is seated in the soul and functions when self-preservation and survival no longer hold sway. This constitutes a triplicity of ideas which requires most careful study and which - if I might so express it - gives the key to the spiritualistic movement.

  1. The sacral center is also connected with the ajna center in the last analysis; the two together create a functioning duality which is productive of that subtle quality which we call personality. There is a wide field for investigation in the theme of personality as an integrated whole and in the quality of personality, which is the aroma, the influence, the effect and the radiation of a personality. I throw out these ideas to students, hoping that some research may follow which will relate this subject of the centers to the recognized facts of coordination, integration and their effects in producing greatness.
    For those of you who are students of The Secret Doctrine, there is much to be unfolded anent the relation of the "lunar Lords," the Barhishad Pitris, to the solar Lord or Angel. The field of work of the former is the sacral center, par excellence; that of the solar Angel is the throat center.
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