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Esoteric Healing - Chapter I - The Psychological Causes of Disease
1. The Specific Problems of Disciples

These special problems are, as you know, peculiar to those who have lifted themselves in consciousness out of the life of the personality into that of the soul. They [121] are primarily related to energy, its inflow, its assimilation or non-assimilation, and its rightly directed use. The other ills to which all flesh is heir at this time in human evolution (for it must be remembered that diseases vary according to the point in evolution and are also cyclic in their appearance), and to which disciples can and do succumb, are not dealt with here; suffice it to say that the three major diseases of humanity to which reference has been made take their toll of disciples, particularly in bringing about the liberation of the soul from its vehicle. They are, however - little as it may appear - controlled in these cases from soul levels, and the departure is planned to take place as a result of soul decision, and not as a result of the efficiency of the disease. The reason that these three major diseases, indigenous to the planetary life in which we live and move and have our being, have this power over disciples is that disciples are themselves an integral part of the planetary life, and in the earlier stages of their recognition of this unity they are prone to fall a ready prey to the disease. This is a fact little known or realized, but explains why disciples and advanced people are susceptible to these diseases.

We could divide these problems into four categories:

  1. Those which are connected with the blood or with the life aspect, for "the blood is the life." These have specific effect upon the heart, but usually of a functional nature only. Organic disease of the heart arises in more deeply seated causes.
  2. Those which are a direct effect of energy, playing upon and through the nervous system, via the directing brain.
  3. Those which are related to the respiratory system and have an occult source.
  4. Those which are specifically due to the receptivity or the non-receptivity, to the functioning or the non-functioning, [122] and to the influence of the center. Necessarily, these fall into seven groups, affecting seven major areas of the body. For the average disciple, before there is complete soul control and monadic direction, the major directing agent, via the brain, is the vagus nerve, along which the energies (entering via the head center) are distributed to the rest of the body. A definite science of the centers and their relation to kundalini has been built up by a certain powerful esoteric school in the orient. It has in it much truth, but also much error.

I have differentiated between problems and physical reactions and disease because the inflow, distribution and direction of energy do not necessarily produce disease. Always, however, during the novitiate which precedes all the initiations, they do produce difficulties and problems of some kind or another, either within the consciousness of the disciple or in his relation to those around him. Hence his environment is affected, and consequently his own reciprocal action.

It should be remembered in this connection that all disciples are energy centers in the body of humanity and are in process of becoming points of focused, directed energy. Their function and activity always and inevitably produce effects, results, awakenings, disruptions and reorientations in the lives of those around them. In the early stages, they produce this unconsciously, and hence frequently the results on those they contact is not desirable, nor is the energy wisely directed, deflected or retained. Intelligent intent must lie behind all wise direction of energy. Later, when they are learning consciously to be and are becoming radiatory centers of healing force, consciously directed, this informing and then transmitted energy is more constructively employed along both psychological and physical lines. Nevertheless, in any case, the disciple [123] becomes an effective influence and can never be what is esoterically called "unnoticed in his place and minus impact on other souls." His influence, emanation and forceful energy inevitably produce problems and difficulties for him; these are based on the human relations which he has karmatically established and the reactions of those he contacts, either for good or for ill.

Essentially the influence of a disciple of the Great White Lodge is fundamentally good and spiritually conditioning; superficially and in its outer effects - particularly where the disciple is concerned - difficult situations, apparent cleavages and the emergence of faults as well as virtues upon the part of those affected make their appearance, and often persist for many lives, until the person thus influenced becomes what is called "occultly reconciled to the emanating energy." Ponder on this. The adjustment has to come from the side of those influenced, and not from the disciple.

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