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Esoteric Healing - Chapter I - The Psychological Causes of Disease
B. Diseases of Disciples

We will divide what we have to say anent the diseases of disciples into two parts:

  • the specific problems of all disciples, and
  • the difficulties incident to soul contact.

We need here to remember that all disciples are susceptible to the major categories of disease. They are attempting to be one with all humanity, and this includes, therefore, all the ills to which flesh is heir. They may not, however, succumb to the frailties of the ordinary man, and should remember that diseases of the heart and of the nerves constitute their major problem. In this connection it might be pointed out that the disciples are found in two major groups: Those who live above the diaphragm and who are, therefore, prone to heart diseases, to thyroid and throat troubles, and those who are in process of transferring the energies of the centers below the diaphragm into the centers above the diaphragm. Most of these at this time are transferring solar plexus energies into the heart, and the world agony is profoundly hastening the process. Stomachic, liver and respiratory troubles accompany this transference.

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