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The Labors of Hercules - The Path of the Soul through the Zodiac
The Sign Son of Jacob Remarks
Aries, the Ram, Lamb Naphtali Naphtali is a play upon the He brew word "talceh", the Ram. It means the twisting and struggling ram. Note the story of Abraham and the ram caught in the thicket.
Taurus, the Bull.  Issachar "He bowed his shoulders to bear." This refers to the yoke and the work of the ox in producing crops.
Gemini, the Twins. Simeon and Levi "Simeon and Levi are brothers".
Cancer, the Crab Zebulon He "wished for habitation, dwelling at the haven of the sea". The crab carries its habitation on its back, and dwells on the sea shore.
Leo, the Lion Judah Judah is a lion's whelp. "He couched as a lion."
Virgo, the Virgin Asher This name is from Ishtar. Ashera is the goddess of plenty. She is depicted as a virgin, carrying a sheaf of wheat.  See Gen. 49, 20.
Libra, the Scales or Balances Dan "Dan shall judge his people."
Scorpio, the Serpent or Adder Dan Mentioned twice as two sons are assigned to Gemini. "Dan shall be a serpent... that biteth the horses' heels."
Sagittarius, the Archer Joseph "His bow abode in strength". His horse is the one that Scorpio follows fast after.
Capricorn, the Goat Benjamin In the Egyptian mysteries Capricorn is represented as a God with a wolf's head. "Benjamin shall raven as a wolf."
Aquarius, the Water Carrier Reuben Means "the pouring out of water". The living water.
Pisces, the Fishes Gad A play on "Dag", the fish.
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