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The Labors of Hercules - The Path of the Soul through the Zodiac
The Crosses

The subject of the Cross is too vast a one to be elucidated here. The cross within the circle is one of be most ancient of the world's symbols, antedating the Christian era by thousands of years. The cross is originally formed by the interplay between the twelve signs of the Zodiac. There are in the Zodiac thirty-six crosses, for each sign is divided into what are called three decanates, which used to be known as "the thirty-six crossing stars". The Zodiac is completed with 360 degrees, the square of 90 degrees is one fourth of the circle, creating the four corners, which is the cross within the circle.

There are, however, three main crosses which in their symbology represent the three divine aspects, Spirit, Soul and Body. They are as follows: [222]

  1. The Cardinal Cross, consisting of the four constellations:
    1. Aries - Creation, commencement.
    2. Cancer - The first door into existence.
    3. Libra - The balance between life and form.
    4. Capricorn The door into spiritual life.

    This is the cross of Spirit or of the initiate and it is interesting to note that the word "cardinal" comes from a Latin word meaning "the hinge of a door". The word "door" enters much into the concept of discipleship and it implies the period preparatory to passing through the door or gate of initiation. Here we have the idea of the door through which the Cosmic Christ passes at the end of the age when the heavens and the earth are dissolved and God's plans are consummated.

  2. The Fixed Cross, consisting of the four constellations:
    1. Taurus Illumination. Mind.
    2. Leo Individuality. Self-consciousness.
    3. Scorpio The final freeing from illusion.
    4. Aquarius Server of the race, pouring out the living water of purification.

    This is pre-eminently the cross of the soul and of real interest because it is the cross of the disciple Hercules. He personified these four signs, and was crucified upon this Fixed Cross. These four signs are regarded in our Christian belief as the Sacred Four and we find them presented to us in the four living creatures of the prophet Ezekiel. These four had the face of a man, Aquarius; the face of a lion, Leo; the face of an ox, Taurus; and the face of an eagle, Scorpio. Aquila, the Eagle is astrologically interchangeable with Scorpio. They are symbolized again in the four evangelists, and in the four beasts of Revelations. This cross is the cross of all world saviors, and the cardinal cross is that of Deity, crucified in the water of space.

  3. The Mutable or Common Cross, consisting of the four constellations: [223]
    1. Gemini The interplay between higher and lower.
    2. Virgo The form which nurtures the Christ child.
    3. Sagittarius The aspirant, speeding towards the goal.
    4. Pisces Death. Consummation. The World Savior.

This is the cross of everyday life to which all the sons of men are subjected. It is the cross of daily crucifixion and of difficulty and symbolizes the incarnation period of growth and development through the medium of form and its use. In these three crosses is summed up the story of the Cosmic Christ, God crucified in matter, of Hercules and of all disciples, and of the average human being. They constitute the totality of the twelve signs.

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