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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
Nothing of true value is to be gained by any arbitrary or autocratic activity on the part of the spiritual Hierarchy. That is one of the lessons to be learnt, as the work of the totalitarian powers - in the past and today - and its effects [671] are noted. Under the totalitarian system, freedom is curtailed or abolished, the free will of the individual is denied and prevented expression, the individual is regarded as the appurtenance of the all-powerful State and held in that position by police regimentation; individual development is of value only in so far as the interests of the State are served, but the individual himself - as an independent divine unit of humanity - is non-existent, from the totalitarian point of view. Would you, therefore, have the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet work along totalitarian lines, enforcing peace and comfort, taking steps to arrest evil by force and working for the material well-being of men? Or would you have the Masters lead humanity itself, through right understanding, to take the needed action, even if it involves trial and error and a much slower process? Would you have mankind standing on its own feet as intelligent agents of the divine Plan? Or would you have them treated as irresponsible children who must be energetically protected against themselves? Is it not better for the rapidly awakening intelligence and activity of men (in every land) to be trained to recognize the essential unity of all human beings, and so be led to take the action needed which will endorse that unity, which will work for the entire group of human beings in all lands everywhere, and which will also and at the same time preserve the individual and the national cultures, alongside a universal civilization and a worldwide system of divine recognition? It is toward this general freedom and the intelligent activity of the free individual that the Hierarchy is steadily and successfully working; the concept of unity and of united activity for the good of all is far more widely grasped and understood than you perhaps realize. The totalitarian approach works toward an imposed unity and one which will include all peoples and bind them down to a uniformity of belief - politically, economically and socially - and which will and does basically ignore the spiritual values, putting the State in the place of that divine spiritual center where spiritual reality is to be found.

The method of the Hierarchy is to work through [672] individuals and through groups for the production of such a widespread spiritual recognition that men everywhere will accept as factual the inner government of the planet, and will work together for the founding of the Kingdom of God in objective manifestation on Earth - and not in some distant time and some vague heaven. This is no mystical or impossible dream, but is simply the recognition and the externalization of that which has been for ever present, which definitely took objective form when Christ was with us two thousand years ago, and which will proceed to universal recognition when He is with us again in the immediate future.

Therefore, all who work and struggle for the good of humanity and under the direction of the Hierarchy, take heart and renew your courage. The Hierarchy not only stands (as oft I have told you), but It is approaching daily and yearly closer to humanity. The power of the focused, spiritual unity of the Hierarchy can be felt today in many ways; it is largely responsible for the patient effort of all humanitarian workers and of all who vision unity in the face of great odds, and in spite of the fatigued lethargy and the pessimism which conditions, too hard for human endurance, have imposed upon men's minds. The Hierarchy stands and works. The Masters are working according to Plan - a Plan which is founded in the past history of the race and can there be traced; a Plan which necessitated because of human selfishness, the drastic horror of the war (1914-1945); a Plan which today can and will bridge the gulf which now exists between the unsatisfactory, selfish and material past and that new future which will demonstrate a large measure of world unity, and which will steadily and with skill in action substitute the spiritual values for those which have hitherto held sway.

The guarantee of this is the developing intelligence of men everywhere fighting blindly for freedom and for understanding, and receiving ever the inner assurance, knowledge [673] and aid of Those Who are working out (as always) those situations and conditions wherein mankind can best arrive at divine expression.

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