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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
5. The energy of the second aspect of divinity, vaguely called by the mystics of the past era "the Christ consciousness." This naturally focuses through the Christ Himself, standing as the Representative in the Hierarchy of the solar energy of love-wisdom. It is a form of peculiar, magnetic energy of which mankind today knows little; nevertheless, upon this energy much speculation has been permitted and many false thought-forms have been built. It is a dangerous energy because of its exceeding potency and also because this inflowing energy has to use the vehicle of the substance of the three lower worlds, and its area of influence is on the three lower planes of human existence. This at first necessarily produces conflict, and its first major conflict is now impending. I have dealt with this conflict elsewhere when discussing with you the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol.V.) The use of this second fundamental energy (which is the primary energy of our present solar system, focusing [658] upon our planetary life) presents to Christ Himself a great test of His skill in action; its use constitutes the major test or task which faces Him when He reappears and has the responsibility of releasing its potencies on earth. The task of all disciples is consequently to promote wisdom, and this they must learn to do under the influence of the Buddha. He taught the primary lesson of mental discrimination and detachment - two basic qualities which must be called into activity during this amazing preparatory period with which all aspirants are today confronted.

These are, therefore, the points which all groups of disciples and spiritual workers must learn to present to seeking humanity. They concern the creating and the vitalizing of the new world religion. This theme lies at the root of all that is new: discrimination between the mental approach and the soul approach, thus learning that true detachment which was symbolically but erroneously applied by all monastic orders throughout the world (both occidental and oriental) during the past few centuries, applied therefore in time and space but having no relation to the inner spiritual import. The true monastic spirit and discipline will emerge later in the historical processes of humanity.

6. The energy of the first divine aspect (that of will or power) now being applied with the most scrupulous care by Shamballa. This energy of the will is - as you have been taught - the potency of the life in all beings; it has in the past only been permitted to make contact with "the substance of humanity" via the Hierarchy. Lately, direct impact has been permitted experimentally and of this the world war (1914-1945) was the first evidence, clarifying issues, presenting opportunity, purifying human thinking and destroying the old and worn-out civilization. It is an exceedingly dangerous energy and cannot be applied in fuller measure until the race of men has learned to respond more adequately to the energy of the second aspect of love-wisdom, and therefore to the rule of the Kingdom of God. [659]

7. There remains another energy which can only be applied very much later on and only if the activity of the six preceding energies fulfil their purpose. With it we cannot here deal, for the future is too uncertain, and in any case, it will only come into activity in the middle of the Aquarian Age.

These energies, along with the five specialized energies referred to in my June (1948) Full Moon Message will swing into great activity as the years slip away. The year 1952 will see the five specialized energies assuming great potency.

I would again call your attention to the fact that the evocative power of the Great Invocation (now used by so many hundreds of thousands) and the sound of its mantric rhythm is increasingly responsible for this work; a great deal of the resultant effectiveness is due to the fact that humanity is using this mantram in steadily increasing numbers, and this - combined with its scientific use by the Hierarchy - is very fruitful in results. It is well here to bear in mind that (to quote an old sentence by one of the Masters) "where the focus is, so will be the anchorage where descending potencies under mantric inspiration are concerned." This means that, due to the effort of countless thousands of men and women everywhere, energies hitherto unable to penetrate deeper into substance than the hierarchical substance and the levels of the higher mental plane can now, for the first time, be successfully anchored on dense physical levels or at least upon etheric levels. This is a fact and is far more important than you are perhaps able to appreciate.

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