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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
I have here given you the possibilities with which the work is challenged and confronted, and again I must refuse to foretell what will happen. It is not permitted. I have felt it necessary to summarize the situation because it is in this world that you and all men of goodwill will have to work for the next twenty years; this period of settlement will not be an easy one in which the disciples of the Christ have to prepare for His appearance. The two decades ahead of you are those in which you must bring to fruition the seeds which I have planted. Though I shall not be actively and outwardly working with you or communicating with you as I have done over the past thirty years, you will have my books (which will then be finished) and the relation which I now hold to you and to all the activities which I have helped you to inaugurate will remain basically the same; it will be more subjective but many in the world today know the means of reaching me.

The Christ, Whom I serve as a disciple, and the spiritual Hierarchy, of which I am a member, are drawing steadily nearer to humanity; in the past I have used the statement to reassure you, "The Hierarchy stands"; today I say to you, "The Hierarchy is near."

The work that must be done in the two coming decades is as follows, and I shall not enlarge upon it because you have [641] been trained to do it; you know what to do and the responsibility is yours - as will be my unfailing help.

1. Prepare men for the reappearance of the Christ. This is your first and greatest duty. The most important part of that work is teaching men - on a large scale - to use the Invocation so that it becomes a world prayer and focuses the invocative demand of humanity.

2. Enlarge the work of the Triangles so that, subjectively and etherically, light and goodwill may envelop the earth.

3. Promote ceaselessly the work of World Goodwill, so that every nation may have its group of men and women dedicated to the establishing of right human relations. You have the nucleus, and expansion must be undertaken. You have the principle of goodwill present throughout the world; the task will be heavy indeed but far from impossible.

4. Undertake the constant distribution of my books, which contain much of the teaching for the New Age. In the last analysis, the books are your working tools and the instruments whereby you will train your workers. See that they are kept in steady circulation.

5. Endeavor to make the Wesak Festival (at the time of the May Full Moon) a universal festival and known to be of value to all men of all faiths. It is the festival in which the two divine Leaders, of the East and of the West, collaborate together and work in the closest spiritual union; the Christ and the Buddha use this festival each year as the point of inspiration for the coming year's work. See that you do likewise. The spiritual energies are then uniquely available.

6. Discover the members of the new group of world servers, whenever possible, and strengthen their hands. Look for them in every nation and expressing many lines of thought and points of view. Remember always that in doctrine and dogma, and in techniques and methods, they may differ widely from you, but in love of their fellowmen, in practical goodwill and in devotion to the establishing of right human relations they stand with you, they are your equals, and can probably teach you much. [642]

And now: What shall I say to you in closing, my comrades, my brothers and my co-disciples? I have said to you so much over the past years that there is little left to say; you have all you need wherewith to carry on the work, impulsed from the Hierarchy, through what I have attempted to do. I can only say that I have confidence in you and that I expect no slackening of effort from you. You are dedicated and consecrated and will remain so, for the closeness of the Hierarchy and the nearness of the Christ indicate to you increased sources of strength.

May the blessing of the One Whom we all serve rest upon you all and upon all disciples everywhere, and may you do your full share in helping men to pass from 5darkness into light and from death to immortality.

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