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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
Many years ago I indicated that the Christ would come in three ways, or rather, that the fact of His Presence could be proved in three distinctive phases.

I said then that the first move which the Hierarchy [601] would make would be the Stimulation of the spiritual consciousness in man, the evocation of humanity's spiritual demands on a large scale, and the nurturing - on a worldwide scale - of the Christ consciousness in the human heart. This has already been done, and with most effective results. Of the factual nature of this process the vociferous demands of men of goodwill, of welfare workers and of those pledged to international cooperation, to the relief of world distress and to the establishment of right human relations are the undeniable expression. That phase of the preparatory work which is indicative of His coming has now reached a stage where nothing can arrest its progress or slow down its momentum, In spite of appearances, this uprising of the Christ-consciousness has been successful, and what may appear as reverse activity is of no importance in the long run, and only of a temporary nature.

The second move of the Hierarchy, I told you, would be the impressing of the minds of enlightened men everywhere by the spiritual ideas embodying the new truths, by the "descent" (if I may so call it) of the new concepts which will govern human living, and by the over-shadowing of all world disciples and the new group of world servers by the Christ Himself. You will recall how, in the Bible story, Christ symbolically evoked the recognition of John the Baptist and imparted the things of the Kingdom of God to the disciples who walked to Emmaus, though they recognized not their Companion. This planned move of the Hierarchy is also progressing well; men and women everywhere and in every department of life are enunciating those new truths which should in the future guide human living; they are building those new organizations, movements and groups - large or small - which will familiarize the mass of men with the reality of the need and the mode of meeting it. This they are doing because they are driven thereto by the warmth of their hearts and their loving response to human distress; without formulating it thus to themselves, they are nevertheless working to bring into visibility the Kingdom of God on earth. No denial of these facts is possible, [602] in view of the multiplicity of this type of organizations, books and speeches.

Thirdly, I told you that Christ might come in person and walk among men as He did before. This has not yet taken place, but plans are being laid which will enable Him to do so. Those plans do not involve the birth of some nice child in some nice home on earth; they will not produce the wild claims and the credulous recognition of the well-meaning and the unintelligent, as is so frequently the case today, nor will someone appear and say: This is the Christ. He is here or He is there. I would point out to you, however, that the widespread appearance of such tales and claims, though undesirable, misleading and wrong, nevertheless demonstrates human expectancy of the imminence of His coming. Belief in His coming is basic in the human consciousness. How He will come, in what manner, I may not and should not say. The exact moment has not yet arrived, nor has the method of His appearance been determined. The factual nature of the two earlier and preparatory moves, already made by the Hierarchy under His direction, are the guarantee that He will come and that - when He does - mankind will be ready.

For a brief moment, I would like to summarize certain aspects of the work He set in motion two thousand years ago, because it holds the clue to His future work. Some of it is well known to you, for it has been emphasized by the world faiths and particularly by teachers of the Christian faith. But all of them have made His work appear difficult for man to grasp, and the undue emphasis laid upon His divinity (an emphasis which He Himself never made) has made it appear that He and He only, and no one else, could possibly do the same things. Theologians have forgotten that He Himself stated that "greater things shall ye do, because I go unto the Father" (John XIV.12). He here indicates that this passing to the Father's House would result in such an inflow of spiritual strength, insight and creative accomplishment in men, that their deeds would surpass His. Because of the distortion of His teaching and its remote relation to man, [603] we have not yet done those "greater things." Some day we assuredly will, and - along certain lines - we already have. Let me relate some of the things He did which we can do, and which He will aid.

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