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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
You may wonder why, at this hour of the Festival of the Buddha, I am writing to you anent His great Brother, the Christ. I am doing it with deliberation because the eyes of all spiritual Knowers are fixed upon Him, because the Buddha Himself is standing behind Him in humble recognition of the divine task which He is on the verge of consummating, and because of the imminence of that spiritual accomplishment. I write thus because not only are all those who are functioning consciously in the Kingdom of God [594] aware of His plans, but because those great spiritual Beings Who live and dwell in the "Father's House," in the "center where the Will of God is known," are also mobilized and organized to assist His work. The spiritual line of succession from the throne of the Ancient of Days down to the humblest disciple (gathered with others at the feet of the Christ) is today focused on the task of helping humanity.

The great moment for which He has so patiently waited has almost arrived; the "end of the age" to which He referred when speaking to His small group of disciples - "Lo! I am with you all the days even unto the end of the age" - has come and today He stands and waits, knowing that the hour has come when He will "see of the travail of His soul and be satisfied." May I repeat: Right through the spiritual succession of the Sons of God there is naught to be seen and felt but expectancy and preparation.

From the Father's House (the Shamballa of the esotericist) the fiat has gone forth: "The hour has come." From the kingdom of God where reigns the Christ, the answer has been flung back:, "Father, Thy will be done"; down in our struggling, bewildered, unhappy world of men, the cry is ceaselessly rising: "May Christ return to Earth." Thus in the three great spiritual centers - the Father's House, the Kingdom of God, and awakening Humanity - there is but one Purpose, one idea and one united expectancy...

I write here in no fanatical or adventist spirit; I speak not as a speculative theologian or an exponent of one phase of religious wishful thinking. I speak because the time is ripe and because the appeal of simple faithful hearts has penetrated to the highest spiritual sphere and set in motion energies and forces which cannot now be stopped; I speak because the invocative cry of distressed humanity is today of such a volume and sound that - united to the wisdom and the knowledge of the spiritual Hierarchy - it has given rise to certain activities in the Father's House. These will result in the glory of God, in the transformation of the divine will-to-good into human goodwill and resultant peace on Earth. [595]

A new chapter in the great book of spiritual living is about to be written; a new expansion of consciousness is an imminent happening; a fresh recognition of divine attentiveness is now possible to humanity, and a revealing expectancy will prove the accuracy of the Biblical statement, "every eye shall see Him." The religious livingness or spiritual history of mankind can be summarized for us by a series of recognitions - recognition of Those Who, down the ages, have constituted the Apostolic Succession, culminating for us in the great religious leaders who have come out among us since 700 B.C. and founded the great modern world faiths, and - above all else - in the Christ Himself Who embodied the perfection of God Immanent, plus awareness of God Transcendent; recognition of those major spiritual concepts of love, life and relationship which have hovered ever in the background of man's thinking and which are now on the verge of right expression; recognition of the true brotherhood of man, based on the one divine life, working through the one soul and expressing itself through the one humanity; recognition, therefore, of relationship both to the divine life throughout the world and to mankind itself. It is this developing spiritual attitude which will lead to right human relations and eventual world peace.

Today another recognition is becoming possible. It is the recognition everywhere of the imminent return of Christ (if such a phrase can be true of One Who has never left us) and of the new spiritual opportunities which this event will make possible.

The basis for this recognition lies in the deep seated conviction, innate in the human consciousness, that some great Teacher, some Savior, Revealer, Lawgiver or divine Representative must come forth from the world of spiritual realities, because of human need and human demand. Always, down the centuries, at the hour of man's greatest need and in response to his voiced demand, a divine Son of God has come forth and under many different names. Then the Christ came and apparently left us, with His work unfinished and His vision for mankind not yet consummated. For two [596] thousand years it has seemed as if all His work had been blocked, frustrated, and of no avail - for the growth of the churches during the centuries is no guarantee of the spiritual success at which He aimed. It needed more than theological interpretations and the numerical growth of the world religions (including Christianity and Buddhism) to prove His world mission successfully carried forward. It all seemed impossible, necessitating three conditions; in these a test of His work could be attempted; today these three conditions are proven facts.

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