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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
The efforts of the disciples coming from the Ashram of K.H. will be largely directed towards the general public, but they will work primarily through educators in all countries and through those concerned with the teaching of religion. Educators touch those preparing for all types of activity. The task will be necessarily slow, particularly at first, but the second ray endowment of these disciples (as that of all disciples on this ray) is a steady persistence which brooks no discouragement, even when discouragement makes its appearance. Such disciples refuse to discontinue their effort or to change the spiritually-ordained plans, even when the obstacles to accomplishment seem insuperable. Disciples will come deliberately into incarnation and will take office in institutions of higher learning and in the churches, and will exert such pressure that old and obsolete methods, ancient outworn theologies and selfish and competitive [578] techniques will be ended and the sciences of cooperation, of right human relations and of correct adjustment to life through meditation and right vision will supersede the present methods of learning; this will lead to no damage to the acquisition of academic knowledge or the right apprehension of spiritual truth. The vision will be different and the goals of a higher order, but the best that is now taught along the lines of art, religion and science will still be available; they will, however, be presented with a greater enlightenment and a better emphasis. They will meet the people's need. The churches, being today headed towards failure and lacking vision, will eventually and inevitably crash upon the rocks of unwarranted and abused authority, yet out of the wreckage will emerge those true and spiritually enlightened churchmen who - with vision and sure knowledge, free from dogmatism and hating ecclesiastical authority - will develop the new world religion.

Paralleling these activities (and disciples on this ray are already taking the needed steps) will come that of the disciples and initiates who are working under the direction of the Master M. Their work lies in the field of right human relations and in the production of that synthesis of effort which will create a new intuitional consciousness and - consequently - a changing political consciousness and situation in which the family of nations will stand together for certain basic values. These are fundamentally three in number:

  1. The freedom of the individual. These freedoms have been voiced for us in the words of that great first ray disciple, Franklin D. Roosevelt. They are the four essential freedoms.
  2. Right international interplay, necessitating finally the abolition of war.
  3. Clean political regimes, free from graft, selfish ambition and dirty political maneuvering.

In the achievement of these ends (and only major issues will be considered, leaving the lesser and unimportant effects [579] to be dealt with later) the disciples of synthesis and the instigators of right political relationships will work in close cooperation with disciples upon the second ray whose task it is to educate the general public in the truer values. A trained and enlightened public, shouldering right responsibility, will elect only those men whose vision is in line with the new ethics, the new science of right human relations, and who recognize as a basic political tenet the equality of all men - an equality founded on a universal and basic divinity.

Allied to the efforts of these two groups of disciples and initiates will be those disciples on the fifth ray, whose task it will be to lead mankind into the benefits of the atomic age. The occultist has ever proclaimed that the field wherein the Hierarchy works is that of energy; they have taught that there is nothing in existence but energy in some form or other, and that all we see, all with which we daily work (including our own material natures, mental, emotional and physical), and all that produces phenomena is energy in relation to forces, or forces as they are directed by energy.

This the emerging group of disciples will incontrovertibly prove; by their efforts the new civilization will be created, in which humanity will have time for freedom, for the deeper educational considerations and for a political activity of the spiritual kind; science will produce a world wherein labor (as we now know it) will be abolished and every phase of man's life will be implemented by science - not in order to make him more comfortable or more like a robot or more selfish, but as an aspect and outgrowth of true freedom; men will be free to think, to establish new modes of cultural interests, and free also to unfold the higher abstract mind and to interpret its conclusions through the medium of the trained lower concrete mind.

The united work of these three groups of disciples initiates and prepares the way for the externalization of the Hierarchy; this preparation is already under way and taking definite form, though as yet the efforts are embryonic and the workers very few in number. A beginning has nevertheless [580] been made and great changes will take place during the next twenty-five years; these will indicate the general structure of the new world of culture, will emphasize as normal the higher concepts of the so-called "visionary" world planner and lay the foundation for the work of the other Ashrams, when the time for an expanded effort arrives.

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