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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
Third. The stage wherein Christ and the Masters of [574] the Wisdom can make public appearance and begin to work publicly, openly and outwardly in the world of men. The time of Their coming will be dependent upon the success of the work undertaken by the first two groups; it is not possible for me to prophesy anent this matter. So many factors are involved: the earnest work of the two groups, the readiness and the willingness of mankind to learn, the rapidity with which the forces of restoration and of resurrection can rehabilitate the world, the responsiveness of advanced humanitarians and intelligentsia to the opportunity to rebuild, to recreate and to reorganize the factors which the new culture and the new civilization will demand. Even the Hierarchy Itself, with all Its sources of information, does not know how long this will take, but They are ready to move at any time.

In the meantime, as the first group struggles with the immediate problem in the outer world, and the second group - still within the confines of the Hierarchy Itself - makes due interior preparation and applies to its chosen membership the needed training and the desired reorientation, the Christ and the Masters are occupied with the task of preparing for the restoration of the Mysteries. This restoration will fall into three phases and will cover and include in its symbolism all phases of human unfoldment. The story of mankind will be pictorialized. These three phases correspond broadly and in a general sense to the three degrees of the Blue Lodge in Masonry. The analogy is not entirely accurate, owing to the unavoidable degeneracy of Masonry, but with the restoration of the Mysteries, Masonry also will come into its own. These phases are:

  1. The stage of a general recognition of light in all departments of human living. This is inferred in the first stanza of the new Invocation. If the ritual of the E.A. is studied in the light of this information the significance will emerge. The poor and destitute candidate emerges into the light.
  2. The stage of complete economic reorientation; in this, humanity is relieved of all economic anxiety and is free to [575] receive its due wages and the right reward of all service rendered in the building of the Temple of the Lord; this building proceeds with rapidity.
  3. The stage wherein the reward of light is received and the reward of service rendered; spiritual status is recognized through the medium of what is regarded as a major initiation, for which the first two initiatory degrees are only preparatory. This first great initiation will be objectively staged and the general public will recognize it as the major rite and ritual of the new religious institution of the period. This is the stage where the forces of resurrection are active, when the Lord is with His people and Christ has returned to earth. Religion is then recognized as an attitude governing all phases of human experience.
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