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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
Because of this direct impact between Shamballa and Humanity, by-passing the Hierarchy, the Hierarchy was left free for the work of rehabilitation and salvaging, for reconstruction and for the application of the regenerative forces of [537] resurrection. The Hierarchy needed and welcomed this interlude and recognized it as an essential aspect of the Plan.

The "cycle of Shamballa impact" is now over; the appeal of humanity to the Christ and His Hierarchy has again refocused the energy of Shamballa via the Hierarchy, and the direct work of the Hierarchy with Humanity can again take on fresh meaning, can be re-established on new and somewhat different lines, and thus definitely bring in that "new heaven and new earth" for which men have so long waited. This will take time, but the new energies and their emerging qualities are adequate to the task, and will alleviate much and bring about great changes in due course of time. You will note, therefore, that the Hierarchy has been faced with three adjustments as the result of being deliberately "put out of alignment," though only temporarily, with both Shamballa and Humanity. This was symbolized for us at the Crucifixion when the Savior hung pendant between heaven and earth. These adjustments are:

  1. Adjustment to those extra-planetary energies which were released into the highest center. This was made possible by two factors:
    1. The direct impact between Shamballa and Humanity or between will and intelligence. This is an important point to recognize.
    2. The temporary quiescence of the love principle, as the Hierarchy waited for the results and effects of this direct impact upon the earth.

This was effectively carried out with much destruction in the world of forms.

  1. Adjustment to certain basic changes within the Hierarchy Itself in preparation for the process of externalization which was begun this century.
  2. Adjustment to a disciplined and reoriented humanity, [538] working today in the dark, it is needless to say, groping along unknown ways, appealing to the Hierarchy for more light and understanding, but awakened and alert for changes.

These adjustments are proceeding with rapidity; the technique being employed is realignment, through a definite action of the Will, as far as Shamballa is concerned, and by an outpouring of Love, as far as humanity is concerned. This Act of the Will is carried out by the three Heads of Departments in the Hierarchy, under the guidance of the Christ and by the Chohans of the seven major Ashrams. They constitute a group of ten to Whom this task has been committed, for the reason that They are the only Members of the Hierarchy Who possess the needed qualifications and in Whom the Will aspect is adequately developed. The task of pouring out the Love principle in a new and dynamic manner is being carried out by all the Masters and by all initiates who have taken the third initiation. This stream of love will focus itself each coming Full Moon in a special act or demonstration of love.

You will note also how fully occupied the Hierarchy is with work, preparatory to emergence, and with those plans and activities which will lead to renewed interior activity, based not on lack of previous unity and integrity, but on the absorption of new energies, made available via Shamballa, of these extra-planetary forces to which I have earlier referred. This task of reorganization prior to moving outward, will be completed by May, 1946. Then the task of the new alignment with humanity will be started and the great work undertaken which will proceed for several hundred years.

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