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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
Definite work must also be done in healing, in exorcising, in curing mental and astral diseases, and it must be demonstrated to the world that the ancient power to heal still lies in the hands of those who consistently follow the Christ. Those who use this power only for the sake of the little ones, taking and seeking no personal reward, can manifest the ancient way to heal which has small resemblance to the modern methods of the mental schools.

Preparation too must be given to the developing of the higher psychic powers, and through the trained expression of those powers can proof be given to the scientists of the world of the latent forces in man which can be utilized by those who wisely and sanely follow in the footsteps of the [517] Christ, the greatest Psychic of all time. Hospitals and schools will appear under the direct guidance of the Masters; Teachers Who can heal will come forth, and others will appear who will train the minds of the pupils to be responsive to direct inspiration from above. The faculty of the intuition must be developed scientifically.

Finally, Church members and members of the Masonic Fraternities must familiarize themselves with the inner significance of the various rites, ceremonies, colors and rituals, and with the work performed upon the floor of the temple. They must know why such and such things are done in due order and the reason for the various precedences, the words, gestures and acts.

Should there be a real and true response to these practical suggestions, it may be possible for the work to go forward more rapidly than at present seems possible. Much trouble and stress may be averted if the aspirants of the world measure up to their proffered opportunity and make due sacrifice and effort. Much preliminary work has to be done. There must be much heavy work, plowing the soil and weeding out that which is undesirable.

This may take seven years. The work to be done in that period will be silent educational work, and the diligent propaganda that the Church and analogous organizations can do. Classes must be held by the occultists of the world in which the teaching is stepped down to meet the need of the little ones; the broad platform upon which the Church should stand should be proclaimed, and instruction should be given in the meaning of its ceremonies and teachings. Then will follow seven years of germination of the seed sown, a period of growth and developing influences. This brings us to the period of thirteen years from now for the cycle of fourteen began the year before I proffered you these suggestions. Should the work progress as desired, it may mark the time of the near appearing of the Great Lord and the close sound of His feet.

These Servers who watch on the inner side, the disciples and initiates engaged in this work, watch with loving care all [518] who struggle in the thick of the fray. They are like the Headquarters Staff who follow the battle from a secure eminence. In Their security lies your ultimate success, for They hold in Their hands the solution of many problems, and apply the solution when the battle goes contrary. One thing always I appeal to you to remember, for it is of vital importance. It is the fact that in the destruction of the form lies hid the secret of all evolutionary growth. This is not a truism. You can see it in constant expression. The Masters utilize the form (a form of Church Organization, a Masonic Fraternity, an esoteric group) as much as may be. They seek to work through it, imprisoning the life within the confining walls for just as long as the purpose is served and the race is instructed through that form. Then comes the time when the form may no longer serve the intent, when the structure atrophies, crystallizes, and becomes vulnerable and easily destroyed. So it goes, and a new form takes its place. Watch and see it this is not ever so. In the infancy of the race the forms for long endured. Evolution moved more slowly. But now on this upward trend the form has but short duration. It lives vitally for but a brief period; with rapidity it moves through its cycle; with rapidity it disintegrates and is succeeded by another. This rapidity will increase and not decrease as the consciousness, or inner expanding realized life of the race, vibrates to a more rapid rate of rhythm.

This will be tremendously increased during the vital and unusual cycle upon which we entered in 1918, which will be tremendously speeded up in 1925, and will climax in a peculiar sense in 1934. We shall then enter upon three years of excessive endeavor in an effort to hasten the Coming and to prepare mankind for the great day of opportunity. You who know of these times and can interpret them aright in the light of the illumined intuition, must unite together for the rendering of Service and for the helping of the Brotherhood, of which the Christ is the divine Leader, and of which the Masters, the initiates, disciples and aspirants are the working and living organism on the physical plane. [519]

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