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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
It might be of interest here to point out that when He comes Whom angels and men await, and Whose work it is to inaugurate the new age and so complete the work He began in Palestine two thousand years ago, He will bring with Him some of the great Angels, as well as certain of the Masters. The angels have ever been active in Biblical history, and will again enter into the lives of human beings with more power than has lately been the case. The call has gone out for them again to approach humanity, and with their heightened vibration and superior knowledge unite their forces with those of the Christ and His disciples for the helping of the race. They have, for instance, much to communicate anent color and sound, and the effect of these two forces on the etheric bodies of men and animals and flowers. When what they have to impart is apprehended by the race, physical ills and sickness will be offset. The group of violet angels or devas who work on the four etheric levels will be especially active and they will work in the four main groups of men who are in incarnation at any given time. Four rays dominate at any period, with one of the four more potent than the other three. You have this idea symbolized in the four castes in India and you will find also that these four castes are found universally throughout the planet.

These four groups of angels are a band of servers, pledged to the service of the Christ, and their work is to contact men and to teach them along certain lines.

  1. They will teach humanity to see etherically, and this they will do by heightening human vibration by interaction with their own.
  2. They will give instruction in the effect of color in the healing of disease, and particularly the efficiency of violet light in lessening human ills and in curing those physical plane sicknesses which originate in the etheric body. [509]
  3. They will also demonstrate to the materialistic thinkers of the world the fact that the superconscious world exists, and that angels and men who are out of incarnation and possess no physical bodies can be contacted and known.
  4. They will train human beings in the knowledge of superhuman physics so that weight shall be for them transmuted. Motion will become more rapid, speed will be accompanied by noiselessness and smoothness, and hence fatigue will be eliminated. In the human control of etheric levels lies the overcoming of fatigue and the power to transcend time. Until this prophecy is a fact and recognized as such, the meaning of the above words will remain obscure.
  5. They will teach humanity how rightly to nourish the body and to draw from the surrounding ethers the requisite food. Man will concentrate his attention upon the etheric body and the work and health of the physical body will become increasingly automatic.
  6. They will also teach human beings as individuals and as a race to expand their consciousness to include the super-physical. In the accomplishment of this, the separating web (the veil of the temple) which divides the physical plane from the unseen world will be recognized as a fact in nature by the scientist. Its purpose will be acknowledged. Eventually it will be destroyed, by man discovering how to penetrate it. The date is imminent.

Through the increasing sensitivity of men and through the steady thinning of the separating veil, more and more during the coming years will the telepathic faculties of men and their power to respond to inner inspiration be developed and demonstrated. By the growth of intuitional telepathy and the increasing comprehension of the power of color and sound will the work of the Christ and of the Great Ones be contacted and understood, and the peoples released from the thralldom of the past and enabled to enter into the liberty of the Kingdom of God. [510]

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