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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
Thus, from the highest spiritual Being upon our planet, through the graded spiritual groups of enlightened and perfected men who work upon the inner side of life, on [486] into the outer world of daily living, where thinking, loving men and women serve, the tide of the new life sweeps. The Plan is ready for immediate application and intelligent implementing; the workers are there, and the power to work is adequate to the need. The three Full Moons which we have been considering are simply the three points in time through which the needed power is to be released.

Here, my brothers, is a picture of possibility. I seek to present it to you today because of world need; here is the ground for a sound, optimistic approach to the future; here is the assurance that the world can be rebuilt, that constructive action can be successfully taken, that enlightenment will increasingly make its presence obvious, and that humanity will indeed rise out of its unhappy past into a new world of understanding, of tranquility, of cooperation and of renewed spiritual impulse.

It will not be easy. The spiritual energies which will be released will inevitably evoke opposition. Selfishness and hate, with their secondary effects of greed, cruelty and nationalism, are not dead nor will they die for a long time to come. In the postwar world these conditions must be ignored and the new group of world servers and the men and women of goodwill must work together for an enlightened education, for a cooperative economic life, for right human relations in all departments of human experience, for clean political activity, for disinterested service, and for a world religion which will restore Christ to His rightful place in the hearts of men, which will take the pomp, the materialism and the politics out of the churches, and which will unify the spiritual intention of all the religions to be found in both hemispheres. This is a vast program, but the number of enlightened men and women is also very great, and the power at their disposal ensures the ultimate triumph of their spiritual idealism.

The major need is to bring these people into a much closer relationship, to take those steps which will enable them to realize that they are an integral part of a group of directed and intelligent world servers, and yet to leave them [487] free to work in their own way, each in his own place and chosen field of service, and to see all these phases of the work as supplementary to all others and as the working out of a divine Plan, originating in the Hierarchy of spiritual Lives. Their work will be consciously carried out under the direct guidance of Christ and His disciples.

Long patience will be needed. Mistakes will be made. There will be periods of indecision, of ineffective action and of negative yet deep discouragement. Workers will be prone to attitudes of despair, and at times the task will appear to them to demand too much, to be too difficult and the forces opposing what they seek to do too strong. But behind all the reconstruction with which humanity is faced is the potency of inevitable resurrection, the constant flow of enlightened thinking into and directing the mass consciousness, plus a growing realization that humanity is not alone, that the spiritual values are the only real values, and that the Hierarchy stands, immovable in its spiritual strength, steadily oriented towards world salvation, and acting ever under the direction of that great divine yet human Leader, the Christ. The Christ has passed through all human experiences, and has never left us; with His disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, He is drawing closer to humanity decade after decade; when He said at the Ascension Initiation, "Lo, I am with you always even until the end of the age," He meant no vague or general idea of helping humanity from some distant locality called "the Throne of God in Heaven." He meant just what He said - that He was staying with us. The fact of His Presence upon earth in physical form is known today by many hundreds of thousands, and will eventually be realized by as many millions.

Therefore, my brothers, believe in the reality of the work to be done by these great spiritual Potencies, invoked during the three Full Moons of April, May and June. Go forth to the task of helping humanity, of establishing goodwill, of bringing about right human relations and of restoring a true spiritual perspective, with undaunted courage, [488] sure faith and the firm conviction that mankind is not alone.

May the blessing of the Christ and of the Hierarchy rest upon all true servers and may they stand tranquil in the midst of strife.

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