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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
In September, 1939, supreme wickedness broke loose upon earth. Because the Hierarchy could not and would not infringe upon human free will, the evil which humanity itself had engendered manifested itself, and that to which certain nations and certain individuals had responded appeared, and thus World War II started. Rampant evil took possession of the earth through the medium of the Axis nations. The Germans marched into Poland. This country was the recipient of the first impact because of her national selfishness, her suppression of the lower classes, her exaltation of a Fascist-minded aristocracy and her hatred of the Jews. The United Nations then began slowly to organize under the impression of the Forces of Light. The war was on.

What, under these circumstances was the Hierarchy to do? Full opportunity had been given to humanity to arrest the descent of evil into manifestation. Voices of leaders and humanitarians everywhere were proclaiming the need for reform. On which side should the Hierarchy throw its weight and its influence? Should it take sides at all, or should it be neutral? Should it remain aloof and take the position of the onlooker, the observer? Should it stand superior to the deeds of mankind and await the decision of the battle to be fought? Should it conform to the sentimental ideas of the church-trained public and talk "Peace, peace" when there was no peace, and present a negative [476] aspect of love-to-all-peoples whilst hatred strode rampant over the earth?

It must be remembered that if this war had resembled other wars down the centuries, and had simply been a fight between human groups and nations, the Hierarchy would have remained outside the conflict and left mankind to fight a conclusive victory on the merits of its fighting units. But this time a great deal more was involved and this the Hierarchy knew. This war has not only been an aggressive conflict between nations or of hate between the exponents of differing ideologies but something far more serious. The Hierarchy knew that extremely powerful forces were taking advantage of human stupidity to intrude into world affairs, and that potent groups of evil beings were organized to exploit the existing world situation. They knew also that the combination of ancient evil with men's selfishness would inevitably prove too strong for even the United Nations, if they were left unassisted to meet the Axis Powers and the Lords of Evil emerging from their hiding place. So the Hierarchy took its stand upon the side of the United Nations and let it be known that it had done so. In doing this, definite physical steps were taken to aid the Forces of Light; men and leaders were carefully chosen and picked disciples were placed in positions of power and of authority. The leaders of the United Nations and of their armies are not Godless men, as are the leaders of the Axis Powers; they are men of rectitude and of spiritual and humanitarian purpose and are able thus to work - consciously or unconsciously - under the inspiration of the Hierarchy. This has been amply demonstrated. On account of this decision of the Hierarchy, Christ became automatically the Leader of these Forces.

His work has been greatly hindered by the sweet sentimentality of the unthinking Christian and by the well-meaning, but oft unintelligent, pacifist. Both these groups would sacrifice the future of humanity to temporary methods of "being nice" or "being kind" or taking gentle measures. The forces of evil, stalking the world today, do not understand [477] stand such measures. The cry of such people that "God loves all men" is true - eternally and forever true. It is one of the unalterable facts of existence itself. God loves - without distinction and irrespective of race or creed. To that Great Life naught matters but humanity and its perfecting, because upon humanity depends the salvation of all the kingdoms in nature. But this statement (made in time and space and as it concerns the form aspect and not the spirit in man) is frequently misleading, and the simple-minded are apt to forget that the Christ said, "He that is not with me is against me."

Men fail also to realize the potency of the thought wielded by Those who work under and with the Christ. Thought is pure divine energy, impersonal and - like the sun - it pours down upon the worthy and the unworthy, unless definitely and deliberately directed. The Hierarchy was therefore faced with the problem and the necessity of seeing that pure impersonal thought energy did not find its way into the ranks of those fighting human freedoms, for it stimulates the minds and the mental processes of the good and the bad alike. This danger They deliberately offset by directing Their thought to the forces fighting under the leaders of the United Nations and by openly taking Their stand upon the side of right human relations. They did not dare to do otherwise, for - in their place and given circumstances - the leaders of the forces of evil have proved themselves cleverer and more calculating than those fighting for human freedom. It is this distinction and its necessity that some kindly and well-intentioned but ignorant Christian thinkers often overlook.

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