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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
The Buddha, Whose Festival is held ever at the Full Moon of May (or of Taurus, falling this year during the last week in April), acts today as the agent of that great Life in Whom we live and move and have our being, Who is Himself the true Light of the World and the planetary Enlightener. I refer to the Ancient of Days (as He is called in the Old Testament), to the God of Love, to Sanat Kumara, the Eternal Youth, the One Who holds all men in life and Who is carrying His whole creation along the path of evolution to its consummation - a consummation of which we have not as yet the faintest idea. Year after year, ever since the Buddha achieved His goal of illumination, an effort has been made to increase the flow of enlightenment into the world and to throw the light of wisdom, experience and understanding (as it is called) into the minds of men. At each Full Moon of May this has been the effort of the spiritual Forces which are working out the Will of God. A supreme effort will be made by Them this year, during the five days of the Full Moon (April 25-30), and a major test of the effectiveness of Their activity will be given at the San Francisco Conference. This I would ask you to remember, and for this I beg you to mobilize.

A great Triangle of Force will be called into play during, those five days as the nucleus through which the Forces of Enlightenment will work. The three Lives controlling the energy which it is hoped can be released for the illumining of men's minds are:

  1. The Lord of the World, the Light of Life Itself.
  2. The Buddha, the Lord of Wisdom, bringing spiritual light to the Hierarchy and revealing what is the divine purpose.
  3. The Christ, the Lord of Love, presenting the demand of humanity and acting as the distributing Agent for the Forces of Enlightenment.

The Forces of Light, upon the physical plane, have driven the forces of evil and of darkness backward, and are bringing the war to an end through the defeat of the Axis Nations. [465]

But another great "division" of those Forces (if I may symbolically use a military term) is being mobilized and can be brought into active service at the Full Moon of May (Taurus) if the demand is strong enough, is mentally powerful and adequately focused. These Force work entirely upon the level of the mind and with the minds of men; it is their task to bring the battle between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness to an end - not only physically, but through the inauguration of an era of right thinking. This will end the present cycle of emotional distress, of agony, of glamor and illusion, and of materialistic desires which today form the pattern of men's lives. This has to be done by means of the spiritual will, working as enlightenment upon the mental plane and demonstrating as wisdom, and as skill in action, motivated by loving understanding. These three aspects of light - mental enlightenment, the illumination which wisdom confers, and loving understanding - all find their perfect expression in the Lord of the World (Whom the orthodox call God) and in His reflections, the Buddha and the Christ - the One Who brought Illumination to the world and the Other Who demonstrated the actuality of the Love of God. These three great expressions of divinity (One so divine that we can only know Him through His representatives) can be called into a new and most potent activity through right invocation at the time of the Full Moon of May. Those who can carry out this great act of invocation are the spiritually minded people everywhere, the enlightened statesmen, the religious leaders, and the men and women of goodwill, if they can stand with massed intent, particularly throughout the entire month of April. Their assistance can also be invoked by the dire need of men, women and children everywhere who can voice no cry, for they know not where to turn, but whose appeal is heard and noted.

Their work, however, must be focused through and implemented by the world intelligentsia, by leading "lovers of humanity," working in the various organizations and groups dedicated to human betterment, and by representative [466] unselfish people. It is they who must receive the inflow of "lighted wisdom" and of loving understanding; today this can be made possible in a manner never known before. The success of the effort now being spiritually planned is dependent upon the ability of mankind to use the light they already have, in order to establish right relations in their families, in their communities, in their nation and in the world.

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