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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
Subjectively speaking, the conference will be under the direct influence of the Hierarchy. The consequent stimulation of both the selfish and the unselfish aspects will evoke a tremendous emotional and mental potency. It is therefore essential that all aspirants and disciples throw the weight of their spiritual development and the light of their souls on the side of the Forces which are attempting to plan for the good of humanity, and who regard the welfare of the whole as of far greater importance than any national situation or demand.

Forget not that the Forces of Evil are still powerful, particularly on the physical plane, and that there are many channels through which they can work. Germany is defeated, but is still capable of a final effort of destructiveness and violence. Japan is well on the way to defeat, but is still powerful. The hierarchy of evil on the inner side is being pushed back by the Forces of Light, but its grip on humanity has not relaxed. It is through ignorance that these forces can still attain much power - the ignorance of humanity itself. Nations and people are still ignorant of the true nature of each other; the world is full of distrust and suspicion. Humanity as a whole knows little about Russia, for instance. The true significance of Its ideology is misunderstood because of the initial mistakes of those who engineered the revolution; the license of unruly men in the early days gave onlooking humanity a wrong slant on what was happening. But those days are over. In the fires of suffering and through deepened understanding, this great [451] and composite nation will advance towards a demonstration of brotherhood which may yet set an example to the entire world. China needs a full literacy; her citizens as a whole know nothing of other nations; on a higher turn of the spiral, that educational supremacy which distinguished an oligarchy of learning in the days of China's ancient glory will again distinguish the masses of her people. The great continent of Europe and the British peoples are still unaware of the real significance of the Western hemisphere and of the United States - with its exuberant youthfulness. They find it as irritating as their deeper maturity and wide experience proves irritating to Americans. Americans, both in the northern and in the southern hemispheres, are still basically ignorant of the history of the nations from which they spring, because they have laid the emphasis upon their relatively brief history and have been brought up on a biased and oft prejudiced picture of European culture and of British aims. This ignorance throughout the world plays right into the hands of the Forces of Evil and - beaten as they now are on the physical plane - they will give more violent battle to world goodwill on the planes of emotional decision, and on mental levels to those ideologies which are of benefit to the whole of humanity.

Physical plane methods having resulted only in the complete devastation of Europe and in casualties which (if civilian men, women and children are included) amount to untold millions, the forces of evil will now endeavor to utilize the character of humanity as a whole (at its present total point of development) to hinder the Forces of Light, prevent the attainment of world tranquility and world understanding, and thus delay the day of their own final defeat. This defeat, when accomplished, must include the three worlds of human evolution - mental, emotional and physical. For long these evil forces have used psychology in order to reach the ends they had in view, and have used it with amazing success; they are still using it, and can be depended upon to employ its methods to the uttermost. They use the press and the radio in order to distort human thinking; [452] they present half-truths, impute false motives, rake up past grievances, foretell (with foreboding) imminent difficulties; they foster ancient prejudices and hatreds, and emphasize religious and national differences. In spite of much shouting, demanding and proposed organization, there is no truly free press anywhere; particularly is it absent in the United States, where parties and publishers dictate newspaper policies. The main reason why there is no really free press is based on two factors: first, the fact that humanity is not yet free from its predetermined reasoning, its basic ignorances of factual history, or of nations and their psychology; humanity is still controlled by racial and national bias and by prejudice. Secondly, the fact that all this is nurtured and kept alive by the forces of evil, working upon the inner side of human affairs and dealing mainly with the psychological angle because it is so exceedingly potent. This they will increasingly do as this planetary war draws to a close; they will seek to offset the work of the Hierarchy, to hamper the activities of the new group of world servers and to cloud the issues involved to such a degree that the men of goodwill everywhere will be bewildered and will fail to see the clear outlines of the factual situation or distinguish between what is true and what is false. Forget not, the forces of evil are exceedingly clever.

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