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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
I have for years indicated certain lines of activity which we, the Teachers and Guides on the inner side of life, would have all aspirants and disciples follow. The plans outlined by me during the past ten years are definitely a part of the hierarchical program and are being presented in their specific forms by the other Masters. There is little that I can add. There is nothing which I tell you at this time that you do not already know. Do I need to ask you to work individually and in the place where you are for national and world unity? Must I plead with you to do what you can to heal divisions, and thus render effective that basic integrity which should unite the three major world powers through which the Hierarchy is attempting to work? Do I need to enjoin the necessity to counteract hate with justice, understanding and mercy? Have I to continue explaining the need for the complete triumph of the Forces of Light, for the triumphant progress of the armies of the United Nations, and for that triumph to be won first of all on spiritual levels and then carried through - with common sense and persistence - on to the physical side of life, as well as in the intervening mental world? Do I need to ask for the control of emotions in the general interest, and for the consecration of time, energy and money to the enormous task of human salvage? [443]

On these points I shall not dwell. Nothing is here gained by reiteration except the growing burden of a responsibility which you can shoulder to your eternal happiness or discard to your shame and eventual karmic reaction. Only this will I say: Get rid of selfishness, provincialism and insularity. Think in terms of the one humanity. Let your lives count in the scale of useful and needed service. Leave off saying and thinking those things which are critical of others - other people and other allied nations. See the issues of this conflict clearly, and let no false and glamorous sentiment lead you to favor weakness towards the Axis Powers at this unique and critical moment. The form or forms of their tyranny must be broken and due payment made in all justice and discrimination to an outraged world. But the souls that implemented that tyranny must - through sore trial and right spiritual direction - be again led to walk in the light. The children of the Axis nations must not be penalized for the wickedness or the weakness of their fathers; they must be educated in new and better ways and loved into right understanding of their relationships.

For two complete generations there must be a peace which will be unbroken because behind it and protecting it will stand the Armies of the Lord. At the close of that time, if the educational work done has been adequate, sane, wise and sound, then these Armies can rest from their labors and the sword be turned into the plowshare. If this program of supervision, education and spiritual direction is not thus enforced, the war that would then take place would wipe out humanity - as happened once before in human history.

I would here refer you to a parable, spoken in terms of farsighted vision and warning by the Christ centuries ago, anent the man who cleaned house, casting out the devils; when it was all swept and garnished, it remained empty (as symbol of unused opportunity and ignored responsibility) and then, as the Lord of Light put it, "the last state of that man was worse than the first." The sweeping and cleansing has been going on for five long years, the final stages of [444] this destroying but cleansing process are now being taken. Then, my brothers, what?

I have told you over the years what we seek to have you do: Rally to the aid of the new group of world servers, hard pressed in this day of battle. Spread goodwill - to humanity as a whole, learning steadily to think in terms of that whole; uphold those activities which benefit the whole and do not favor one particular nation, even if it is your own. Work today for victory and for the annihilation of evil. Work tomorrow for justice and for the restoration of security. When there is security, readjustment, the obliteration of the aggressor leaders, protection and restoration of the weak and the oppressed, plus right living conditions and wise education for the youth of the world, then peace will come but not till then. Let the soporific of beautiful peace talk die out and let sane methods of establishing goodwill and right human relations precede the discussion of peace. The world talked itself into a dreamy state of idealistic rhapsody about peace between the first phase of this world war and the present one. This must not again occur and it is the task of the intelligent humanitarian to prevent it.

For the work to be done during the next twelve months (and then continued during the ensuing years), I make one last appeal. Stand with fixed intent, implementing the massed intent of the unthinking, the terrified and the distressed and weak. Cooperate with the new group of world servers in every land. Let the Full Moons of May and June constitute high points of spiritual attainment which can and will condition your daily life and service during the ensuing year. Let nothing deter you. Nothing from any quarter causes the Christ to deviate from His planned purpose; just in so far as His purposes coincide with your soul purpose, move outward into a wider field of service. If you feel no response to world need and no call to serve, then beware and seek a deeper measure of soul contact and spiritual relationship. Every word spoken or written at this time by an aspirant or a disciple is of a definite potency - either good or bad.

You know about the new group of world servers. The [445] work of the men and women of goodwill has been presented to you. The request for the forming of triangles of light and of goodwill has been placed clearly before you. The need for clear thinking is plain. The Hierarchy asks for your aid and your support in the arena of world affairs. I have myself laid my plans before you. There the program must be left to be carried out by you if you choose. For a quarter of a century (since 1919) I have taught you. I ask now for your cooperation in our mutual responsibility - the helping of humanity.

May He Whom we all love and serve, the Master of all Masters and the undying Friend of Mankind shed His light upon your way and evoke your trust, your understanding and your help in His task - climaxing this year - of leading humanity into the light of a new day.

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