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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
3. Humanity as a whole. The men, women and children of the world are all implicated in and affected by this universal war. The effects reach into the most isolated village, the most extensive desert and the highest mountain top, as well as into the cities and congested areas of all the nations. No one is exempt from the consequences of this present catastrophe. The bulk of humanity are universal and innocent sufferers. The majority scarcely realize what it is all about; they view this great historical climax from the purely self-centered angle and from the point of view of how it affects them as individuals and their nation as a whole. An increasing number are coming to realize that this war must be fought to a successful finish because there is no peace or hope or right world relationships as long as two nations - one in the Western hemisphere and the other in the Eastern - can precipitate disaster upon countless millions. A minority are realizing that the war has precipitated the condensed evil of the ages and that humanity is faced with the opportunity [430] of erasing past errors, ancient selfishness and ingrained wickedness, and of inaugurating a new and better world. In this new world there will be freedom of approach to God, opportunity for individual expression, freedom to live in right relations and scope for creative living. A few - a very few - know that this is a climaxing point in an ancient conflict between Christ with His Hierarchy of Masters, and "spiritual wickedness in high places." A mere handful of knowers and disciples know, past all controversy and discussion, that, heading up those unhappy lands - Germany and Japan - are ancient leaders who have again sought to bring planetary disaster and to deflect the ends and the aims of the Great White Lodge.

Among all these are thousands who stand bewildered, sensing the truth but feeling helpless in the face of the gigantic horror which the evil gang now ruling Germany has precipitated upon humanity. They tend to right thinking but are still the prey of the unscrupulous and the selfish. When their thinking has been guided into right lines through a process of right presentation of the situation, they will constitute a powerful asset to the Forces of Light.

Such is the situation with which the Hierarchy and humanity is today faced. The strength of the Forces of Light is growing; the power of the Forces of Darkness may be waning but is still vastly strong - upon the physical plane. Their main hold is upon the minds of men and that is exceedingly potent and unweakened, for it is aided by the mild, unthinking person, by the bewildered, the pacifist, the appeaser and the isolationist. The idealism of this group is turned to the aid of Germany by the skillful evil workers. The German armies are still unbeaten; central Europe is a mighty fortress, dominated by the arch enemy of mankind, sitting on his mountain-top. There, symbolically, he is to be found, the initiator into evil conditions, and into slavery. The armies of the Lord stand poised, and victory will be theirs when there is complete unity of purpose, concentrated attention upon right human relations, and a [431] spread of idealistic aspiration to all who are fighting this battle for freedom. For this unity of purpose all the enlightened people of the world must work. It is not yet adequately present.

Let us now turn to the work of the Hierarchy and to the event for which all initiates and disciples are now preparing - the coming Wesak Festival.

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