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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
This is necessarily no rapid process but is an ordered and regulated procedure, sure in its eventual success but relatively slow also in its establishment and sequential process. This process was initiated upon the astral plane by the Buddha, and on the mental plane when Christ manifested on Earth. It indicated the approaching maturity of humanity. The process has been slowly gathering momentum as these two great Beings have gathered around Them Their disciples and initiates during the past two thousand years. It has reached a point of intensive usefulness as the channel of communication between Shamballa and the Hierarchy has been opened and enlarged, and as the contact between these two great Centers and Humanity has been more firmly established.

At the June Full Moon, 1942, will come the first test as to the directness of the communication between the Center where the Will of God holds sway, the Center where the Love of God rules and the Center where there is intelligent expectancy. The medium of the test will be the united effort of the Christ, of the Buddha and of those who respond to [362] Their blended influence. This test has to be carried out in the midst of the terrific onslaught of the powers of evil and will be extended over the two weeks beginning on the day of the Full Moon (May 30th, 1942) and ending on June 15th, 1942. There is a great concentration of the Spiritual Forces at this time and the use of a special Invocation (one which humanity itself may not use), but the success or failure of the test, in the last analysis, will be determined by mankind itself.

You may feel, though wrongly, that not enough people know about or understand the nature of the opportunity or what is transpiring. But the success of such a test is not dependent upon the esoteric knowledge of the few, the relatively very few, to whom the facts and the information have been partially imparted. It is dependent also upon the tendency of the many who unconsciously aspire towards the spiritual realities, who seek for a new and better way of life for all, who desire the good of the whole and whose longing and desire is for a true experience of goodness, of right human relations and of spiritual enterprise among men. Their name is legion and they are to be found in every nation.

When the Will of God, expressed in Shamballa and focused in the Buddha, the Love of God, expressed in the Hierarchy and focused through the Christ, and the intelligent desire of humanity, focused through the world disciples, the world aspirants and the men of goodwill are all brought into line - either consciously or unconsciously - then a great reorientation can and will take place. This event is something that can happen.

The first result will be the illumination of the astral plane and the beginning of the process which will dissipate glamor; the second result will be the irradiation of the mental plane and the dispelling of all past illusions and the gradual revelation of the new truths of which all past ideals and so-called formulations of truth have only been the signposts. Ponder on that statement. The signpost indicates [363] the way to go; it does not reveal the goal. It is indicative but not conclusive. So with all truth up to the present time.

The demand is, therefore, for knowers and for those whose minds and hearts are open; who are free from preconceived ideas fanatically held, and from ancient idealisms which must be recognized as only partial indications of great unrealized truths - truths which can be realized in great measure and for the first time if the lessons of the present world situation and the catastrophe of the war are duly learned and the sacrificial will is called into play.

I have made this practical application and this immediate illustration of teaching anent glamor, illusion and maya because the whole world problem has reached a crisis today and because its clarification will be the outstanding theme of all progress - educational, religious and economic - until 2025 A.D.

Today, as humanity awaits the revelation which will embody the thoughts and dreams and constructive goal of the New Age, the demand comes for the first time from a large group of intuitively inclined people. I said , not intuitives, my brothers. This group is now so large and its focus is now so real and its demand so loud that it is succeeding in focusing the massed intent of the people. Therefore, whatever revelation may emerge in the immediate future will be better "protected by the spirit of understanding" than any previous one. This is the significance of the words in the New Testament, "Every eye shall see him"; humanity as a whole will recognize the Revealing One. In past ages the Messenger from on High was only recognized by and known to a mere handful of men, and it took decades and sometimes centuries for His message to penetrate into the hearts of humanity.

The stress of the times also and the development of the sense of proportion, plus an enforced return to simplicity of living and requirements may save the coming revelation from too swift and quick a submergence in the fire of the Great Illusion. [364]

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