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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
A mobilizing of the Forces of Light is going on upon the inner side of life. These Forces stand ready, but the word for action must come from the Christ, and He will give that word when the people give it to Him. We are the conditioners of our own destiny. Neither the Christ nor the Hierarchy may, at this stage in human evolution, take any step vitally affecting humanity unless released into this activity by humanity itself.

From April 15th till June 15th are critical weeks, spiritually and materially, and this is one of the important facts I want at this time to bring to your attention. I cannot detail to you what you should do or what should be your line of endeavor. I can give you a general idea of the hierarchical Approach and the nature of the human problem. The rest lies in your hands.

Even if the work done is entirely successful, the time of the Appearing and of divine intervention by the Forces of Light, through the medium of Their Agents, the Lords of Liberation and the Christ is dependent upon many factors beside that of right invocation. Of these you can know little, if anything. The question of right timing is one of deep esoteric significance and is basically involved here. The next three years are years of fulfilment and for that period the aspirants of the world are asked to stand steady in patient, yet convinced, expectancy. The task to be done by the Hierarchy involves not only the physical plane but also the inner planes of causes and impulses, of thought and desire. This all disciples know but are apt to forget. The critical situation upon the outer plane is only a reflection of still more critical inner conditions, and you can give acceptable [353] help if you evoke your own will and control your emotions, disciplining your personality. Thus you will be able to present a tiny focal point through which the spiritual Forces can work. Through the agency of the many tiny points of light and will, much potency can be transmitted.

It is the will-to-victory that is demanded at this time; it is the will-to-invoke that which is needed; it is the will-to-focus and through this focusing to aid in the great act of invocation for which the Christ is at this time preparing Himself; it is the will-to-goodness, to self-control and to the evocation of right action for which the Hierarchy asks today. If humanity does its part, it will find that Hierarchy more than ready to respond and do its share in bringing about world release from the Forces of Evil.

Will you ponder on this and will you cooperate in every possible way? The plans may be laid, the vision may be seen but unless everyone recognizes his essential contribution and his real usefulness, nothing can be done. There are no limitations when true esoteric work is undertaken. To this end, I seek to emphasize renewed application to meditation and a constant steady use of the Invocation, particularly the one which begins by invoking the Lords of Liberation.

"This work," Christ said, "goeth not forth save by prayer and fasting." I call you to prayer and to meditation for both are needed today, fusing as they do the emotional and mental bodies into one aspiring whole. I call you to discipline, for that is the meaning of fasting and to the constant effort to live at the highest possible point all the time; this is so often a dream but not often a fact. Today, in the hour of the world's need, aspirants and disciples who are willing to make at least consistent, persistent effort are needed by humanity and the Hierarchy.

My brothers, I have presented the picture; I have held before you for years the vision of opportunity, service and discipleship. I have outlined to you the mechanism of service which already is in existence and which can be galvanized into activity and world usefulness. I leave the matter in your hands, asking you to remember that the united [354] interest, love, service and money of the many is far more potent than even the consecrated effort of the two or three. No one is futile or useless, unless he chooses so to be.

And in the meantime, paralleling your subjective work and externalizing your inner endeavor must be your work for your country and for your fellowmen in humanity's hour of need. There must be steadiness, selflessness and silence, plus courage and confidence - confidence in the strength of your own souls, confidence in the watching Hierarchy and confidence in the Plan. The end of tribulation is not yet, but it is in sight. With this thought I leave you. May the blessing of the Masters rest upon you as a group and as individuals, and may the Holy Ones Whose pupils you seek to become show you the light you seek, give you the strong aid of Their compassion and Their wisdom until you stand where the One Initiator is invoked, until you see His star shine forth.

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