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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
1. The first activity was the writing and distribution of the occult teachings through the medium of the books which A.A.B. has assisted me to write. These will serve (when the war is over) to lead humanity forward and nearer to the time when present day occultism will be the theme of world education in some modified form. The books which have been published can be stated - without any conceit - to have no competitors, and these, rightly distributed, will serve a useful part in carrying the consciousness of man to higher levels and in making clear the divine Plan for mankind. In them also the task immediately ahead at the close of the war is clearly indicated.

2. The founding and the work of the Arcane School. This was started by A.A.B. to train those ready for esoteric teaching and to prepare them for the stage and work of [323] Accepted Discipleship. The world today is full of groups occupied with the task of helping one or other of the groups of aspirants and seekers to be found everywhere, or with the more general undertaking of raising the mass consciousness. The Arcane School was therefore formed for two purposes:

  1. Primarily to aid the Hierarchy in its work during the world crisis - a crisis for which the Hierarchy has been long prepared. The Arcane School was not and is not the only group with this objective, but it is definitely among the most influential.
  2. To train probationary disciples to become accepted disciples, so that the Hierarchy could find those who could safely carry spiritual power and be channels of love and understanding to the world.

You can see, therefore, that the Arcane School is not so much engaged in helping the individual as in aiding the Hierarchy to salvage humanity. For this work, training is required, and the Arcane School provides this.

3. The fact of the existence of the New Group of World Servers was brought to the attention of the general public, and on quite a large scale. This group is composed of aspirants, disciples and initiates, and is intermediate between the spiritual Hierarchy and the intelligent public. Its members are to be found in every country, are unorganized except by their spiritual relation to the Hierarchy and to each other, and through their effort in every field of human consciousness to lead humanity into a more spiritual way of living. They aim to foster the growth of right human relations through goodwill, and this work is still going on.

4. The organizing of the men and women of goodwill in every land so that eventually they can set the note of world goodwill for the new world order. Some of this work was started in 1934. Much lies ahead, demanding attention, and will have to be accomplished in a period much more difficult than the pre-war period. The nucleus of this group [324] exists, and among them the livingness of goodwill is still unimpaired.

5. The effort to utilize the power of sound and of thought combined was undertaken through the use of the two great invocations which you have - as a group - distributed throughout the world. Great world prayers have been used for ages; men have been driven by desire and spiritual aspiration to pray, and have recognized the power of the divine response. The art of invocation has been, however, relatively unknown, especially in the West. It employs the dynamic will and the focused mind, and is intended to evoke response from the Forces which will condition the new world, which can come into being at the close of this war. A focused will or intention, a convinced mind, a dedicated desire and a planned activity are essential to success.

6. The forming of triangles of light and goodwill, so that an inner network of people, pledged to goodwill, to the use of the power of invocation and to the growth of understanding throughout the world can be created; and a beginning has already been made. This is a potent and workable mode of procedure, once it is given an opportunity to spread.

7. The inauguration of an effort towards definite group work. This must be group work of a new order, wherein individual activity is subordinated to the group objective and the decisions of the group in conclave; it is not work carried forward through the imposition of some one will upon a group of weaker wills. The individual and his mode of working are not regarded as of importance in the group consciousness, because it is the will of the group - unitedly dedicated to a specific objective - which is the point of major importance. This is a new procedure and something to which you can apply yourselves. In this group which I have now formed, opportunity will arise to demonstrate the practicality of this new ideal in service methods.

These are a few of the undertakings in which we have for some years been engaged, and it is suggested that all of [325] them be continued as a background to all future work and a fundamental platform.

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