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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section II - The General World Picture
I would ask you to exercise your imagination in an effort to visualize a world in which there is a complete defeat of the Allies, expressing as they do the ideals for which the Forces of Light have ever stood. I would remind you of two things: First, that these Forces were defeated in the earlier phase of the conflict thousands of years ago, and secondly that - if They again go down to defeat - it will be largely due to the unpreparedness and to the pacific attitude of the neutrals of the world. Had the Allies been ready (and that in itself would have indicated attitudes similar to those now being expressed by Germany) and had the neutrals stood together from the outbreak of hostilities and proclaimed as one voice: This thing must not be - Germany would then have been arrested in her triumphant progress.

The Allies, however, were not prepared for the onslaught of the forces of evil; on the physical plane, their position was not impregnable. The neutrals at the same time have chosen and are still choosing the negative and weak way; and through fear, a misplaced idealism, or a separative spirit, plus the failure to grasp the acuteness of the world crisis and its significant implications, have placed humanity in a position of imminent though not inevitable disaster. These are points which require careful consideration and consequent readjustment of the attitude of those who are doing [240] nothing to further the efforts of the Forces of Light and of the men of goodwill throughout the world.

What shall be done to stop the progress of aggression, of selfish nationalism and cruel attack upon the weak and the defenceless? These qualities are rampant in Germany. They are to be found in a lesser extent in many other nations and selfish nationalism is to be found in all to some degree, even when unaccompanied by militancy or paralleled by a true idealism. It is self-interest, short vision, and prejudice that basically govern neutrality and make the neutral nations, including the Americas, arm for defence but refuse to fight for human welfare. How, then, shall we awaken the world to the realities of the situation and so focus and direct a great world effort to throw off the yoke of the dictators as they seek to dominate the lands outside their own? How shall we free humanity to take its next step forward, without fear and terror and only conditioned by a world which is seeking unitedly to do that which is best for the whole, and not simply that which is best materially for the part? These are the questions with which we are today confronted. Desperately and fearfully, men are seeking a solution and turning hither and thither for help and comfort. Shall the demand, so widely prevalent at this time, for divine intervention, rise so strongly to heaven that it will perforce draw forth a response and, at the same time, deprive mankind of its right to settle its own affairs, decide its own issues and make progress by the method of trial and error, by the success of its own clear vision and its firm determination to find the right way out of the situation? Such intervention is possible, but it is not deemed desirable by the Forces of spiritual knowledge. They are therefore holding Their hand, feeling that this time humanity must be encouraged to battle to the end on behalf of its hope and its vision. Men pray for peace but will not pay the price of peace. Calmly praying and leaving the work to other men, forces or God, is the easy way, satisfying the emotional nature, but not involving clear thinking. Humanity has come of age; the child stage is over, and for [241] weal or woe, for good or ill, men must decide for themselves the way that the world, their governments and their social order must go.

A new world order is possible, and there are certain steps which need to be taken if the vision of this new world is to enter into the realm of accomplished fact. Certain angles of the vision I can - with the greatest brevity - point out to you; I can indicate the sign posts on the way to the future world order. I shall find myself in the position of assuring you at the same time that every step of that way will entail a fight, the overturning of that which is old and loved and the destruction of that which is inhuman, selfish and cruel; I shall have to impress upon you the prime and initial necessity to overthrow the entrenched forces of aggression as they function today through the medium of the totalitarian powers.

First, I would ask you all to ponder on the vision of this new world order, preserving an open mind and realizing that this new mode of living hovers over humanity and will materialize when selfishness is defeated, right human relations are correctly envisaged, and the ideal of this new world order is divorced from all nationalistic concepts and aspirations. It will not be an American world, or a French world, or a British world, or a totalitarian world. It will be the outcome of the civilization which is passing and the culture which is the flower of that civilization, but at the same time it will be neither of them. It will be a human world, based on right understanding of correct human relations, upon the recognition of equal educational opportunities for all men, for all races and all nations, and upon the fundamental realization that "God hath made of one blood all the peoples upon the earth." It will be a world in which racial distinctions and national unites will be recognized as enriching the whole and as contributing to the significance of humanity. Such distinctions and nationalities will be preserved and cultured, not in a separative isolation, but in the realization that the many aspects of human unfoldment and differentiation produce one noble [242] whole, and that all the parts of this whole are interdependent. All will comprehend their relation to each other in one progressive, synthetic, human endeavor, and the enterprise of united living will produce an interior work which will flower forth in the production of a beauty and a richness which will distinguish humanity as a whole. In this all will share, with wisdom and a planned efficiency, offering to the planetary life and to each other that which they have to contribute. This will be made possible because the whole of mankind will be recognized as the essential unit and as being of greater spiritual importance than the part.

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