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The Destiny of the Nations - The Nations and their Governing Signs
It would, I feel, also be of value if I indicated the ruling sign of some of the capital cities of the countries dealt with in the above table. The focus of the immediate response of the peoples of the nations is frequently to be distinguished in the quality (if I may so call it) of their capital city and by the decisions there made. I would like to point out that in the British Empire there are several major and distinctive sections which are themselves definitely governed by certain ruling signs; therefore, before giving the rulers of the capitals, I would like to indicate the influences which control the British Empire through the medium of its component parts; they are an important factor in present events, owing to the major and powerful nature of the part Great Britain is playing in the present situation. As you will have noted, Great Britain is ruled by Gemini and Taurus, and consequently the principles of multiplicity and integration are simultaneously present. Duality, triplicity (England, Scotland and Wales) and also differentiation are the conditioning aspects of the empire. Under the major control of Gemini and Taurus you have the following potencies active: [69]
Country Egoic Ruler Personality Ruler
Australia Virgo 6th Capricorn 10th
Canada Taurus 2nd Libra 7th
India Aries 1st Capricorn 10th
New Zealand Gemini 3rd Virgo 6th
South Africa Aries 1st Sagittarius 9th
These are the major divisions. There are lesser divisions but with these I am not here concerned. These countries are related to the mother-country through their planetary rulers, and in this statement you have a definite hint conveyed. The zodiacal signs relate, but the planets are more influential at this stage of evolution.
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