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The Destiny of the Nations - The Nations and their Governing Signs
The Nations and their Ruling Signs

It is, however, obvious that nations react like human beings under the influence of their rays - personality and soul rays - and this is a fact of vital import to the esotericist and something as yet little known or intelligently realized. What I give you, therefore, under this point is new exoterically; attention will have to be paid to the information - either as it comes from me or from other sources - if there is to be real understanding of the situation and therefore useful cooperation with the Forces of Light.

I will give you here the present personality influences of the nations, indicated by their governing signs of the zodiac, trusting that you will give due thought to what I impart and assuring you that they are of vital significance at this time, particularly if you compare them with what I gave you anent the rays of the nations in the first volume of A Treatise on the Seven Rays. I would remind you that - over the lapse of centuries - nations are reborn several times or come into incarnation in a new form which we may call a period, if unimportant, or a civilization if significant and dramatic enough. Therefore, the personality ray and the governing influences change with frequency. This is oft forgotten, because the cycles are so much vaster than those of human incarnation. I would also point out that the tabulations which follow agree in part with the ordinary accepted assignment of zodiacal signs to the various countries, but not always. I will give you two signs for each country. One will be the emerging influence which will govern the ego or the soul of the country or nation, and the other that which governs at the present moment the personality ray of the individual country, and so conditions the masses. Forget not that the soul of the people is represented by those who [68] react to the influence of the soul ray and of the sign which is affecting it (its ascendant, one might say), whilst the masses are conditioned by the personality ray and therefore by the sun sign of the specified nation.

NOTE: This tabulation is arranged alphabetically and not in the rate of importance and influence of a country and nation.

Country Ruling Sign Egoic Ray Ruling Sign Personality
Argentina Cancer 4th - Libra 7th -
Austria Libra 7th Fourth Capricorn 10th Fifth.
Belgium Sagittarius 9th - Gemini 3rd -
Brazil Leo 5th Fourth Virgo 6th Second.
China Taurus 2nd First Libra 7th Third.
Finland Capricorn 10th - Aries 1st -
France Pisces 12th Fifth Leo 5th Third.
Germany Aries 1st Fourth Pisces 12th First.
Great Britain Gemini 3rd Second Taurus 2nd First.
Greece Virgo 6th - Capricorn 10th -
Holland Aquarius 11th - Cancer 4th -
India Aries 1st First Capricorn 10th Fourth.
Ireland Virgo 6th - Pisces 12th -
Italy Leo 5th Sixth Sagittarius 9th Fourth
Japan Scorpio 8th - Capricorn 10th -
Poland Taurus 2nd - Gemini 3rd -
Roumania Leo 5th - Aries 1st -
Russia Aquarius 11th Seventh Leo 5th Sixth.
(4 Nations)
Libra 7th - Cancer 4th -
Spain Sagittarius 9th Sixth Capricorn 10th Seventh.
Switzerland Aries 1st - Aquarius 11th -
Turkey Cancer 4th - Scorpio 8th -
USA Aquarius 11th Second Gemini 3rd Sixth.
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