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The Destiny of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today
As to the prevision with which I shall deal, unorthodox as it may appear to be to some of you, it will be based upon two factors: First of all, the logical indications to be gathered from past and present events which condition the immediate future and which must inevitably lead to definite and tangible happenings. Any deep student of human affairs could follow the same line of reasoning and come to approximately the same conclusions, provided he loved his fellowmen enough to see them truly as they were and allow, consequently, for the appearance of the unexpected. And, secondly, what I may say to you is based on a knowledge of the ray influences which are at this time so powerfully and effectively affecting humanity and its coming civilization and culture.

I would ask you, therefore, to read what I have to say with an open mind; I would beg you to relate my words to present world conditions and to see, emerging from the realms of subjectivity, those forces and potencies which are directly changing the current of men's thoughts, which are molding their ideas, and incidentally altering the face of the earth and the policies of nations.

As you know, there are at this time, two minor rays (which are rays of attribute) affecting powerfully the [29] destiny of mankind. These are the sixth Ray of Abstract Devotion or Idealism and the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic or Organization. The sixth ray began to pass out of manifestation in 1625 after a long period of influence, whilst the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order began to come into manifestation in 1675. There are three points to be remembered in connection with these two rays and their effects upon the race of men. (I am not here dealing with their effects upon the other kingdoms in nature.)

  1. The sixth ray is, as you know, the most powerful in manifestation in this time and a very large number of people are responsive to its influence. It is still the line of least resistance for the majority, particularly in the Aryan race, for the reason that when in process of time and through evolution the influence of a ray has become potent, it is groups that are primarily affected and not just individuals. A rhythm and a momentum is then set up which lasts a long time and which gains power through the very force of organized numbers. This truth will emerge more clearly as we proceed with our studies. Suffice it to say that the sixth ray people are the reactionaries, the conservatives, the die-hards and the fanatics, who hold on to all that is of the past and whose influence is potent to hinder the progress of humanity into the new age. Their name is legion. They provide, however, a needed balance and are responsible for a steadying process which is much needed in the world at this time.
  2. The seventh ray is steadily gaining momentum and has for a long time been stimulating and enhancing the activity of all fifth ray nations. If you bear in mind that one of the major objectives of seventh ray energy is to bring [30] together and to relate spirit and matter and also substance and form (note this distinction) you can see for yourself that the work of science is closely connected with this endeavor and that the creation of the new forms will definitely be the result of a working interaction between the rulers of the fifth, the second and the seventh rays, aided by the help - on demand - of the ruler of the first ray. A large number of seventh ray egos or souls and also of men and women with seventh ray personalities are coming into incarnation now, and to them is committed the task of organizing the activities of the new era and of ending the old methods of life and the old crystallized attitudes to life, to death, to leisure and to the population.
  3. The result of the increasing flow of seventh ray energy plus the decreasing influence of the sixth ray - which shows itself as a pronounced crystallization of the standardized and accepted forms of belief, religious, social and philosophic - is to throw the millions of people who do not respond to either of the above influences through egoic or personality relation, into a state of bewilderment. They feel entirely lost, are gripped by the idea that life holds for them no desirable future, all that they have learnt to cherish and to hold dear is rapidly failing.
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