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The Destiny of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today
We have now considered the three major energies which are pouring into our planetary life at this time through the three major centers. It remains for us now to consider the energy of the two minor rays, the sixth and the seventh, which are in many ways of more immediate moment to the masses and of a tremendous effectiveness. One is of moment because of its pronounced hold and because of the crystallization it has produced particularly in the world of thought, and the other because its hold and its power, its influence [27] and its effects will be of an increasing momentum. One is potent in producing the necessity for the present chaos; the other is potential and holds in its activity the seeds of the future.

This is a fact of great interest and of really practical import. It takes us, moreover, into the realm of prevision. I would have you remember, at this point, that no prevision is divorced entirely from the past but that there must always be the seed of truth. The Law of Cause and Effect holds good eternally and particularly so in the realm of spiritual insight (so rapidly developing at this time) which enables the seer to see the future as it may be and to forecast coming eventualities. There are several ways in which such prevision can - during the next three centuries - be developed in the race of men:

  1. Through the development of soul contact among the advanced members of the race. This contact will relate soul knowledge with brain impression and, if the meditating factor of the mind is duly trained and controlled, there will be a correct foreknowledge of individual destiny and of coming events.
  2. Through the development of the science of astrology - a science which is, as yet, in its infancy and which is based on so many uncertain factors that it is difficult for a student to arrive at those true indications which will truly present the future. Character indications and small personality happenings can frequently and correctly be deduced but the general subject remains until today much too nebulous for certitude. I will later deal with this matter and will indicate the lines along which future investigation should proceed.
  3. Through the recurrence of "soothsaying" and the [28] reappearance of those ancient "informers of the race" who, in Roman times, were called "sibyls." These mediums (for such they were) will be trained by the workers upon the seventh ray to speak under inspiration from the Hierarchy Whose foreknowledge extends far ahead into the future, but does not extend beyond two thousand years. These mediums will, however, only be used under direction, after careful training and only twice a year at the May and June Full Moon rituals.
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